Publications (current as of January 14, 2013)


Recent decreases in fossil-fuel emissions of ethane and methane derived from firn air. M. Aydin, K.R. Verhulst, E.S. Saltzman, M.O. Battle, S.A. Montzka, D.R. Blake, Q. Tang, M.J. Prather. Nature, Vo. 476, Issue 7359, 198-201, DOI 10.1038/nature10352, Aug. 11, 2011

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Book Review of "Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of Global Warming" M. Battle, Physics Today, Vol 53, No. 2: 55-56 (2000)

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First Measurement of the B®pln and B®r(w)ln Branching Fractions. J.P. Alexander et al., Physical Review Letters, 77, 5000 (1996)

Papers & Poster Presentations

"Development of an optimal calibration strategy for trace gas measurements " Talk Computational Sustainability Workshop, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, June 11, 2008

"Measurements of the Ecosystem O2-CO2 Stoichiometry at Harvard Forest" Poster NACP All Investigators Meeting, San Diego, CA, February 16-20, 2008

"Controls on Firn Air Composition at WAIS-D and Summit" Talk Dartmouth Workshop on Firn Properties, Hanover, NH, March 10, 2008

"Estimating ocean-atmosphere carbon fluxes from atmospheric oxygen measurements " Talk UNESCO Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerabilities Workshop, Paris France, April 12, 2007

"Firn air properties and influences at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide " Poster AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2007

"Continuous in situ measurements of atmospheric O2 and CO2 in a central Massachusetts forest " Poster AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2007

"Modeling Air Movement in the Firn at WAIS-D "Talk WAIS-D investigators meeting, Denver CO, July 16, 2006

"Measurements and Models of Atmospheric Potential Oxygen (APO) " Poster 7th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Boulder CO, Sept 27, 2005

"Continuous In Situ Measurements of Atmospheric O2 and CO2 at Harvard Forest" Poster 7th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Boulder CO, Sept 27, 2005

"Measurements and Models of Oceanic O2 and CO2 fluxes" Talk 2004 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA Dec 13, 2004

"Nature Doesn't Yield Her Secrets Easily" Talk Festival in Honor of Ed Thorndike, University of Rochester, August 7, 2004

"Meridional Gradients in APO" Talk APO workshop, MPI Biogeochemistry, Jena Germany, July 8, 2004

"The Princeton O2/N2 Cooperative Dataset" Talk APO workshop, MPI Biogeochemistry, Jena Germany, July 7, 2004

"Meridional Gradients in Atmospheric O2 and CO2" Poster 2003 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA Dec 12, 2003

"Measurements and Models of the Atmospheric Ar/N2 Ratio" Talk 2002 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA Dec 8, 2002

"Constraining Sources and Sinks of CO2 using Measurements of Atmospheric O2 and d13C" Talk 1999 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA Dec 14, 1999

"Measurements of Atmospheric O2/N2 and CO2 Concentrations from Remote Sampling Sites" Poster 1995 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA Dec. 11, 1995

"Full Reconstruction of Semileptonic B Decays" Talk 1993 April APS Meeting, Washington DC April 14, 1993

"Response of CsI Crystal Calorimeters to Charged Hadrons" Talk 1992 April APS Meeting, Washington DC April 21, 1992

Invited Seminars and Lectures

Colby College, November 5, 2007

Bates College, December 3, 2004

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, November 5, 2003

University of Maine, Orono, April 18, 2003

Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection, November 19, 2002

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine Maine, April 10, 2000

SUNY Stony Brook, February 9, 2000

University of Connecticut, Avery Point, 1996