[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CS 350 Spring 2004: Projects

Final Project

Due: May 21

The final project is open-ended. Pick something that you like and/or you want to learn more about. You can choose to work alone or in a team of two people (if you work in a team the amount of work for the project should scale up accordingly). A list of topics is suggested below. If you have any other ideas you have to run them by me.

Note: "final" in "final project" should read as "final=the last one". It does not mean that it has to be bigger or that it is more important than Project 1 or 2. All the project ideas listed below are doable in 10 days of work. This time there is no extension! it has to be ready by the due date. We want to end the semester on a positive note! So manage your time carefully and start working asap (please no segfaults the night before it's due..)