Assignment: Convex hull with Graham's scan algorithm

Develop code in C/C++ to compute the convex hull of a set of points in 2D using Graham's scan algorithm.

Base code is provided here. You will see two versions of the code: one in c and and one in cpp. It will be nice if you use this class as an excuse to learn more c, but if you want to do cpp, that's fine too (you will probably not write OO code, just c plus the vectors and linked lists that come conveniently with cpp).

The code should compile as is, but it does not do anything besides the interface. You need to fill in the graham_scan function, and provide some interesting test cases (configurations of points) on which to compute the hull. Every team, please email your special test_cases to the whole class, so that everyone can include everyone's test cases in their code, and check that their CH code works well in all cases.

Team work

You are encouraged to work with a partner, but you don't have to. If you work with a partner, you will be held to higher standards than if you work alone; put differently, you'll need to do more work than if you work alone.

When you decide one way or the other, email me so that I can ask DJ to set up the svn folders.

Good style

As usual, you need to strive you write not merely code, but simple, elegant and easy to understand code. Furthermore, you need to strive to do this out of habit, as you start programming, and not only at the end. Writing good code has to become your second nature. Write good code not because you have to, but because you don't know any other way.

People often disagree what consitutues elegant when it comes to coding, but everyone agrees on the following:

How do you know if you write good code? My theory is that the the quality of your code is ditrectly proportional to how easy and pleasant is to debug and update/extend your code. If you find debugging is frustrating and like searching a needle in a haystack, then your code style is probably not good.

Submitting your work

Make a folder called convexhull in your svn folder on microwave. I will have access to this svn, so no need to submit anything --- just make sure everything is checked in.


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