Project3: Visibility on terrains


The goal of this project is to compute the viewshed of a point on a grid terrain.


I have a couple of suggestions for how to organize your code.


I am including the output for set1.asc from vp=(100,100) here and from vp=(250,250) here. Here is what they look like:

I rendered the viewshed ascii files using some old render code, which you can find here. Run as:

cd render
./render2d set1.asc
(press q to quit)

./render2d set1vis.100.100.asc
(pree q to quit)
If you need more sample viewsheds for any of the test grids, I can generate them, just ask.

What to turn in:

In additon to pushing the code to your GitHub repo, please bring to class and hand in:

So for example, if I were to turn in my helloworld project I would hand in one sheet with:

Laura Toma 

Github username lauratoma

Worked alone

To clone:


Total 15 points