[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CSci 101 Labs

[in Searles 128]

Lab Assignments

Labs are due a week after they are assigned (unless otherwise announced in class). Work individually, and call me if you need help. You are encouraged to discuss ideas and techniques broadly with other class members, but not specifics. Discussions should be limited to questions that can be asked and answered without using any written medium (e.g. pencil and paper or email).

  1. Lab 1 [Java basics: basic instructions and conditionals]
  2. Lab 2 [Java basics: loops]
  3. Lab 3 [Java basics: arrays]
  4. Lab 4 [Java: nested loops and strings]

    [EXAM 1]

  5. Lab 5 [Java: arrays and strings]
  6. Lab 6 [Java]
  7. Lab 7 [Java: methods]
  8. Lab 8 [Java: recursion]

    [EXAM 2]

  9. Lab 9 [Computer organization]
  10. Lab 10 [Turing machines]

After hours lab policy:

If you run into problems with lab access, let me know.