Write a program that searches a movie database for a keyword and returns all the movies that match the keyword.

To set up a movie database, you will use an array of Strings, which you will initialize inline (i.e. you won't read it from the user). For e.g., an inline initialization of an integer array looks like this:

int a[] = {1,2,3,4,5};

Then you will ask the user to type keyword. After reading the keyword from the user, you will search for this word in the movie database, and you will print ALL the movies that contain that keyword.

This is an example of how your program will behave:

Welcome to the super-califragilistic movie search engine!
You currently have 10 movies in the database. 

Enter a keyword you'd like to search for: wick
Here are all the movies that match: 

1. Death in Brunswick.
2. The wicked house.
3. Bowdoin and the haunted Brunswick. 

Total 3 matches. 

Feel free to consider this an open-ended exercise (this will be valid in general). Add to it whatever features you think would make it cool. For example, what about asking the user repeatedly for a keyword?