[Bowdoin Computer Science]

Csci 107: Fall 2004
Service learning and Social Issues in Computer Science

Student Presentations

Date Topic
Tuesday November 30 Dylan Brix and Karen Fossum:
The Patriot Act.

Dennis Lim
TIA, Carnivore.

Wednesday December 1 Mat Spooner:
Computers and Democracy.

Nick Figuierdo and Mike Howard:
Computer Crime. Electronic voting.

Monday December 6 Erik Ellis, Joe Gardner, Ed Hunter:
Cyberspace and Cyberights; Privacy and anonimity. Copyright and intellectual property. Trusted computing.
Tuesday December 7 Service learning projects:

Greg Kelsey:

Hunain Khaleeli, Tracy McKay, Becky Sargent:
Harpswell Nursery School

John Draghi, Matt Murchison:

John Hall, Ben Rachlin:
Stevens Home

Wednesday December 8 Last class.
Thursday December 9

Service learning symposium: 1-3pm, Lancaster Lounge, Moulton Union.