About me

I am originally from Romania, and graduated from Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti. Romanian is a romance language, and the Romanian culture is very much latin.

I came to the US for graduate school and afterwards decided to stay for a couple more years. This has been many years ago. By now Maine is home.

I am married to Vinay Kanitkar who works for Akamai Technologies, in Cambridge, which was founded in 1998 by an algorithms professor at MIT and his grad student. We love to joke about being cache-efficient, spatially coherent and, of course, cash-oblivious.

We are a multi-cultural family: our families live in the USA, Romania, India and Switzerland. My sister Roxana Toma is a professor at SUNY Empire State College.

We have two kids, Ana and Tommy. At the moment Tommy wants to be a mathematician and Ana wants to be a soccer player (I think she will be a computer scientist, eventually).

In a previous life, I used to dance Argentine tango and travel every time I got a chance.