cocorico! faq

cocorico  n.m. (xvie siècle), coquerycoq, coquelicoq. formation onomatopéique. onomatopée imitant le cri du coq. chanter cocorico au lever du soleil. un joyeux cocorico. fig. et péj. manifestation joyeuse de gloriole chauvine. le cocorico de la victoire. la presse a poussé, a lancé des cocoricos. - dictionnaire de l'académie française

so basically "cocorico!" means "cock-a-doodle-doo!"... but there is also the coq gaulois... the latin word gallus was used to mean both gaul (france, gallia) and the common rooster. over the centuries the rooster has come to be an unofficial, but beloved symbol of france. more recently, french sports enthusiasts have rallied round its cry to show their support of the french national teams. le cocorico has come to signify a sort of vainglorious cry of naive national pride - in other words, chauvinism - or as one dictionary puts it... three cheers for france!

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