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Associate Professor of Romance Languages
Education, publications, papers, service, honors, courses, professional memberships.


Syllabi and some materials for courses taught since 1996, such as "Latin American Cultures," "Poetry and Social Activism in Latin America," etc.
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Areas of Professional Interest
Áreas de interés profesional

Colombia: Enlaces a buscadores, diarios, páginas culturales.

Áreas de Interés: Enlaces a poesía, cuento latinoamericano y estudios culturales.

Maine Teachers of Spanish Immersion Program

Alternative Spring Break Trip to Perú

Family and Friends
Familia y amigos


Amigos, Friends

Spanish Grammar Online Book
Libro digital "Herramientas de español"

A comprehensive outline of the essential points of Spanish grammar for intermediate / advanced students. Includes exercises, and reference lists. See contents

Spanish Grammar Exercises
Ejericicios Interactivos de Gramática

Ample Spanish grammar practice, some with sound, from accents to nouns and verb tenses. Mostly for intermediate and advanced levels. Feedback and answers provided.
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Guides for Students of Spanish
Guías para estudiantes de español

Guía de gramática para corregir sus propios trabajos académicos escritos en español.

Guía de estilo para corregir sus propios trabajos académicos escritos en español.

• Lista de enlaces a ejercicios digitales de español
Links to Spanish Grammar Excercises online. Organized by grammatical topics.

How to write Spanish Accented Characters on your Mac or PC

• A Brief Reference to Spanish accents, gender, plural, articles, pronouns, and spell changes.

Artículos sobre América Latina

Brief texts on various cultural and historical aspects of Latin America. In Spanish, with some English vocabulary, exercises, and sound files. See contents
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