Midterm 2

This test is open book (textbook only), open notes. Do not discuss this test with anyone except the professor until the designated time is up (Sunday at 5:00). That means conversations as innocuous as"how was the test?" are not allowed! Assume that your score is now a 0 and that the only way to get points is to demonstrate your knowledge. Show your work! Please remember that there is one question on every test that is not intended to be taken seriously.

1.Describe the important features of your soccer player. Is your team intelligent? Why or why not? If you had another month to prepare what would your team be like?

2.Suppose a student team of Bif and Muffy spent thousands of hours on the soccer project putting together the ultimate team. In the end they had a giant lookup table and simply entered the current game situation and got back the proper move.

a. Is this even possible?

b. If it were, argue why their team would be intelligent.

c. Now argue why it would not be intelligent.

3. The parity of a bit string is true when an even number of bits in the string have a 1 value and is false otherwise. E.g. "111" is false. "101" is true. Comment on the difficulty of the parity function for a learning system. Be sure to include a description of how such a system would be expected to learn parity.

4. Describe the importance of "variation and selection" in learning. Do not refer to Genetic Algorithms, genetics, or anything remotely linked to evolution in your discussion.

5. Cartman has built an artificially intelligent robot dinosaur named Grumpasaurous. To prove its intelligence Cartman lets Stan ask it one question. Stan's question is as follows: "Grumpasaurous, in old episodes of Star Trek, Captain Kirk could blow up any artificially intelligent computer or robot by asking it some ambiguous or unanswerable question. If that is true then it suggests that AI is a doomed enterprise. If false, however, AI systems should be able to unravel even unanswerable questions. Grumpasaurous, can you explain the popularity of the Backstreet Boys?" How would Grumpasaurous respond?