Ternopil, Ukraine


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Ternopil, Ukraine

Some Comparisons

Ternopil: Road to the Academy

Peremogy (“victory”) Square

The Institute for Computing and Information Technologies (ICIT)

ICIT Students between Classes

An ICIT Computer Lab

4th Year ICIT Students

A 5th grade class in Ternopil

Picnics in the forest... for serious celebrations

Meg’s English class

Sunday Morning - Ternopil

St. George’s Cathedral - L’viv


St Andrew’s Cathedral - Kiev

American Embassy - Kiev

Shevshenko University - Kiev

Shevshenko Park and Statue - Kiev

St. Volodymir’s Cathedral - Kiev

Lavre Monastery and Dnieper River - Kiev

Foros, Crimea

IDAACS 2001 International Workshop

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