Policy Changes

While working on the implementation of Workday, it was necessary to adapt some of our policies to work within the new system. The following lists address the modifications that impact all employees, just support staff, just administrative staff, or those that are important for managers/supervisors. 

Modifications that impact All Employees

  1. Currently, the Bowdoin College Retirement Plan Contribution (as written in the Plan document) for eligible employees who turn age 50 increases to 12.13% on the July 1st following their 50th birthday. In Workday (and as amended in the Plan document), the retirement contribution will increase to 12.13% in the same month in which the eligible employee turns age 50.
  2. When an employee enters the “Personal Information” worklet and reviews his/her profile in the “About Me” section, the FTE that is displayed is a number calculated out of Workday and does not necessarily match the official Bowdoin FTE.
  3. Workday is a cloud based system that is offline and updated for all users across all companies each Friday night at 11:00 PM EST Friday night to as late as Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. For employees who use a time clock, this will not impact swipes/input during that time. No one may log into the Workday system while it is offline.
  4. When new employees have an ID photo taken, they can choose to have the photo loaded into the external Bowdoin Directory or not. The ID photo will automatically be loaded into the confidential internal Workday System (not viewable outside of the College).

Modifications that impact Administrators and/or Support Staff including Managers and Supervisors

  1. As of January 2016, employees will no longer view their sick and vacation balances on the earning statements (paycheck stubs). 
    Administrative Staff will view their balances for accrued time in the “Time Off” worklet.
    Time Off Worklet
    Support Staff will view accrued balances in the “Time” worklet.
    Time Worklet
  2. As part of time tracking in Workday, Timecard entries will round to the nearest 5 minute mark (for example: 8:02 AM rounds down to 8:00 AM, 8:03 AM rounds up to 8:05 AM). Currently, there is 7 minute rounding, to nearest quarter hour.
  3. Shift and weekend differentials for Support Staff will be itemized on the paychecks versus listed as separate hourly rates.
  4. At the time of hire, a benefits eligible employee will have only 30 days to enroll in benefits. Currently, a new benefits eligible employee has up to 60 days. This change was required by Workday for federal ACA compliance.
  5. Currently casual employees can remain on the payroll indefinitely. In Workday, all new casual employees will be required to have a fixed end date entered into the system. For casual employees who are more regular, but who do not work enough hours to be considered benefits eligible, the fixed end date will be populated with August 1, 2017. This will allow for a review of all casuals on an annual basis, outside of the standard July 1st cycle. This also means that as of that date, pay will actually end unless action is taken to extend the end date of the casual employee.