Women's Resource Center

Student Groups

The following groups are advised by Melissa Quinby, Director of the Women’s Resource Center. Each group addresses specific gender issues, hosts meetings and events, and is always welcome to new participants. Please contact the student leader if you are interesting in joining. 

Bowdoin Women’s Association (BWA)
Student Leaders: Jackie Fickes '15, Natalie Smid '15

The Student Body
Student Leaders: Margot Roux '14, Emily Powers '14, Janki Kaneria '14

Bowdoin Women in Business
Student Leaders: Charlotte Goddard '13, Phoebe Happ '14 

Student Leaders: Janki Kaneria '14, Xanthe Demas '15 

FFLY Girls 
Student Leaders: Michelle Weiner '14, Adrienne Hanson '14, Julia Piper '14