2008 McKee Photography Grant Recipient: Tommy Wilcox '09

This project is a self selecting portraiture survey of Brunswick's most recognizable residents.  I've always been interested in what makes someone famous, and how one person can be more famous than another.  I decided to set out to find the most recognizable people in Brunswick.  After polling a number of town members I met, and choosing the first subject, I asked each of the following subjects to pick their successors.  I ended up with 10 portraits of locally recognizable figures - the show consists of eight prints.

I chose to use traditional black and white silver (non digital) process and a traditional 4x5 view camera in an attempt to revisit the early days of photography, when having ones portrait was a privilege reserved for the rich and famous.  To achieve the "larger-than-life" quality I desired for these portraits, I digitally scanned them and enlarged them to 4x5 ft prints.  When people look at these portraits, I want them to wonder not only "who is that?" but "what makes them important enough to be blown up that big?"

Tommy Wilcox