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Davis Park Improvements 2007

From January through March, 2007, students enrolled in all four intermediate-level Visual Arts courses at Bowdoin College are joining together with members of the Brunswick community to develop ideas and suggest improvements to Davis Park, an attractive, well kept, but secluded neighborhood park in the northwest area of town.

While there is no publicly funded initiative for improvements to the park at the present time, it's hoped that the ideas and proposals that result from this effort will be a useful exercise in community based problem-solving, raising community awareness and stimulating positive discussion about the park and its role within the surrounding neighborhood.

This website has been created to serve as a public bulletin board, resource center, and an archive of the project.

Description of the Site

Davis Park
(image: Town of Brunswick - click to view in Google Maps )

Measuring 2.36 acres, Davis Park is a grassy, open space, dotted with mature maple and pine trees along a gentle slope from its western to eastern end. The Park is bordered on its southern, western, and northern sides by the backyards of neighboring homes, and on its eastern side by a railroad track and a chain-link fence.

Principle access to the Park is through a single entryway off of Pleasant Street, near the southeast corner of the park.

Davis Park
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The Project

Led by four members of the Bowdoin College Visual Arts faculty, with the guidance and support of Bowdoin's Community Service Resource Center, the 64 students taking part in the project will be divided into sixteen teams of four. After meeting with town leaders, park officials, and members of the surrounding community, each team will begin developing its own idea for how to improve Davis Park, resulting in sixteen ideas by the end of the project.

Participating Bowdoin Courses:
Art 250 / Drawing II
Art 265 / Public Art
Art 275 / Architectural Design II
Art 280 / Photography II

As their work progresses, each team will be reporting their weekly progress on the blogs, which all are invited to see.

The result of each team's efforts--ranging from landscape designs to public sculptures to films and/or photographs documenting the park and its community--will be displayed at Curtis Memorial Library and the Little Dog Coffee Shop in late February--as well as on this website--for public feedback and commentary.

The students' final projects and proposals will be on display in the Visual Arts Center at Bowdoin College from March 7-21, 2007.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007 Joint orientation meeting of faculty and students in Architectural Design II, Drawing II, Photography, and Public Art / 7pm / Frontier Cafe, Gallery, & Cinema
Tuesday, January 30 Joint meeting of faculty and students with park officials and neighborhood residents / 7pm / The Morrell Meeting Room at Curtis Memorial Library
Thursday, February 1 Forum to Connect Art and Social Justice / 6-8 pm / Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, 522 Congress Street, Portland
Tuesday, February 6 Individual team meetings / Announce projects
Tuesday, February 13 Individual team meetings
Tuesday, February 20 Individual team meetings
Tuesday, February 27 Individual team meetings
February 28-March 4 Exhibition of works-in-progress / Curtis Memorial Library and Little Dog Coffee Shop
Sunday, March 4 Community discussion and feedback / 5pm / Curtis Memorial Library
Tuesday, March 6 Final individual team meetings
March 9-22 Class Exhibition / Visual Arts Center / Bowdoin College


From Bowdoin College:
Professor Meghan Brady and members of Drawing II
Professor Michael Kolster and members of Photography II
Professor Wiebke Theodore and members of Architectural Design II
Professor Mark Wethli and members of Public Art
Honora Dunham ’07, Student Assistant
Susie Dorn and the Bowdoin Community Resource Center
David N. Israel, Information Technology


For news or questions about the Davis Park Renovation Project, please direct all inquiries to Mark Wethli, A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art and Chair of the Department of Art, at mwethli@bowdoin.edu.

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Davis Park
Davis Park
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Davis Park
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Davis Park
Davis Park

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