John Bisbee


"Slack", 2003-4. one ton of welded 12" spikes. dimensions variable.


Installation at Plane Space Gallery, NYC, 2004
front to back: Grist, 2004; Slack, 2003-4; Scree, 2004
each piece is one ton of welded 12" spikes. dimensions variable.


"Scree", 2004. one ton of welded 12" spikes. dimensions variable

About the artist

Of John Bisbee's recent New York City exhibition at Plane Space Gallery, The New Yorker (6/14/2004) Magazine noted: "Three tons of welded twelve-inch steel spikes sounds like a recipie for heavy-handed machismo. In Bisbee's hands, the spikes are transformed into objects of surprising grace - more Andy Goldsworthy than Richard Serra. "Grist" is like a bird's nest built with fragile straw filaments. The spikes in "Slack" are welded end to end, creating five dynamic, intersecting coils. "Scree" is a pileup of delicately constructed balls - like molecules, or perhaps, hollow maces - stacked almost to the ceiling in a corner. The gallery's wide garage door is left open in warm weather, attracting passersby who might not usually go to galleries but can't help entering after glimpsing the media-defying marvels inside."

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John Bisbee
John Bisbee
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