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Friday, July 3, 2009

New paintings by Professor of Art Mark Wethli will be shown in a three-person exhibition that opens this Friday, July 3, from 5-8 pm, at Whitney Art Works, 492 Congress Street in Portland. The exhibition, which also includes new work by Ling-Wen Tsai and William Roy Dawes, runs through August 1st.

The opening coincides with Portland's First Friday Artwalk, when the Portland Museum, as well as various galleries and artist's studios in downtown Portland, are free and open to the public.

For more information about the exhibition, please go to http://whitneyartworks.com/July_2009.shtml or contact the gallery at 207-780-0700 or info@whitneyartworks.com .

Friday, May 9, 2009

Architecture 2
VART 275 Open Studio
Fort Andross Court Yard
North Side lower level 6-7pm
Evan Farley, Hank Garret, Holly Jacobson, Niko Kubota, Dzenana Lukovic, Scott Schulkin, Katie Stokien, Hannah Vossler, Aaron Wolf
Professor: Wiebke Theodore

Architecture 2 VART 275 Open Studio Fort Andross Court Yard North Side lower level

Architecture VART 233 Campus Bicycle Pavillion

Monday, February 23, 2009

Keliy Anderson-Staley
American Tintype Portraits and Off The Grid in Maine
7pm, Searles 315

Keliy Anderson-StaleyKeliy Anderson-Staley is a contemporary photographer who grew up in Maine with no modern amenities. She received a BA from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA and a MFA from Hunter College, NYC. Keliy is a 2008 New York Foundation for the Arts photography fellow who teaches the wet plate collodion photography process at The Center for Alternative Photography in NYC, The Bakery Photo Collective in Maine, and at Hampshire College. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the United States. She currently lives and works in Queens, New York.

Artist Talk sponsored by the McKee Fund for Photography.

Friday December 12, 2008
Design Studies for Woodlawn Terrace
Brunswick Elderly Housing

Service Learning Symposuim:
1-3pm Moulton Union

VART190 Open Studio:
5-6pm 305 McLellan Building

Friday December 12, 2008 Design Studies for Woodlawn Terrace Brunswick Elderly Housing

Friday December 12, 2008 - Open Studios - Bowdoin Visual Arts

Tuesday November 4, 2008
Lecture by Abby Manock. 7 PM, Beam Classroom, Visual Arts Center. Abby’s work is a web of ever-expanding, multi media interactive diagrams based on familiar systems of exchange.  Using a specific five color, crayon box palate, she uses wordplay and repetition in an aesthetic reminiscent of an elementary school play, to illustrate and perform the subjective value of words, objects and actions in and out of their literal contexts.  Using an intricate cosmology of symbols and icons, which began as unconscious notebook doodles, Abby has developed her own alphabet for classifying and explaining the links between her projects and the identification of certain elements within each project as underlying currents throughout her body of work.

Abby Manock         Abby Manock Bag-Tag Official Handbook

Martha MacLeish October 20, 2008
Martha MacLeish
Martha MacLeish is an artist whose work explores some of the spatial possibilities that exist between painting and drawing. She received her MFA from Yale University and has exhibitted her work nationally in both solo and group exhibitions. In 2009 she will have her first solo exhibition in New York. She is currently Assistant Professor and Head of Graduate Studies at Indiana University- Bloomington."
7:00pm Adams Hall

Monday October 6, 2008
Liz Ogbu of Public ArchitectureLecture by Liz Ogbu of Public Architecture, to speak on recent works and design equity. She is an advocate for the non-profit sector, for sustainable design and community collaborations. Ogbu developed a prototype design for Day Labor Station that was featured at the Design for the Other 90% exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, in the summer of 2007.
7 PM Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McKee Photography Grant Recipient Artist Talks
VAC - Beam Classroom, 7pm

Eleanor West ('10) and Tommy Wilcox ('09), recipients of the 2008 McKee Photography Grants, will discuss their photographic projects. Eleanor's work was on display throughout September in the Visual Arts Center, and Tommy's will be on display throughout the month of October in the LaMarche Gallery. 

Exhibition - LaMarche Gallery, Smith Untion, October 1 - November 1
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 2  7-8 pm

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Artist Talk by Jeff Kellar
In conjunction with his current show at Icon Contemporary Art, here in Brunswick, Visual Arts is pleased to present a slide lecture by Jeff Kellar, one of Maine’s best known and most respected artists. Kellar, who is based in Portland, shows his architecturally inspired, minimalist paintings and sculptures in New England and across the country.
Icon Contemporary Art is open M-F from 1-5, and Saturday from 1-4, and is located at 19 Mason Street (the last right-hand turn off of Maine Street, before the US 1 overpass and the Topsham Bridge). The show runs through this coming Saturday, September 27--a great opportunity to see the work first-hand following his lecture.
7 PM, in Beam Classroom, VAC (Visual Arts Center).

Saturday September 27, 2008
Watson Fellow, Bowdoin Alumni ’07 Cotton Estes, (Re) Visions of Industrial Spaces Drawings and photographs that capture life in reclaimed industrial sites in Eastern Europe expressing the social roll and the shear beauty found there.
Public talk to follow.
Opening reception 5-7 PM Fishbowl, Visual Arts Center

Cotton Estes Poster 2008 Cotton Estes Poster 2008


Thursday, September 11, 2008
Opening reception for Eleanor West's show, Iptych, which will be on display from September 8-26.
Eleanor is a recipient of the McKee Photography Grant, and this exhibit of Polaroid photographs represents the culmination of her summer work. Public talk to follow in a few weeks.
6-8 PM Fishbowl, Visual Arts Center

West Polaroids 

For my project I wanted to explore certain formal restrictions both through my medium and through the organization of the photographs.  In order to achieve this I used a square format camera, the Polaroid, in conjunction with a rectangular layout. The Polaroid served two purposes in this regard. Primarily it acted as a technical restriction due to its lack of manual controls. It also provided a square format, which I incorporated into a larger panoramic view in order to expand the view of each room while simultaneously focusing in on the individual parts that make up that room. This allowed for a certain amount of independence between individual photographs despite the fact that they are grouped together in triptychs and diptychs.

Furthermore, the Polaroid camera is important for its nostalgic and informal quality.  Since the medium may appear more personal due to its informality it may also provide a further emotional connection to interior. I have a personal connection with all of the rooms pictured here and I wanted to capitalize on the familiar quality of the Polaroid format while still retaining a formal photographic approach to the subjects. 

Friday, September 5, 2008
Bowdoin's fall art season kicks off this Friday evening with the opening of an installation piece by Sara Griffin '09 and Cami Osorno '10.

Quinby House: Bowdoin CollegeEntitled "European Portrait Gallery," and featuring works of art by Watteau, Gainsborough, and others, the installation transforms one of the... most humble basement rooms in Quinby House into one of the most elegant and refined exhibition spaces on campus.

Sara and Cami have been working on the installation since last spring, when it began as a project for the Public Art course.

Come out, show your support, and have a great time

6-8 PM Quinby House basement