Residence Hall Life

Residential LifeUpward Bound prides itself on its open, accepting, and tolerant community. While not always perfect, everyone tries hard to make UB a place they can be proud to be a part of, where everyone feels respected and works to communicate in healthy ways.

"The whole community is so close. We spend so much time together and get so attached to each other. The community is where you build great relationships."

Upward Bound students live in two residence halls on the Bowdoin campus, Howard Hall (girls) and Stowe Hall (boys). Each dorm is staffed by:

  • The House Manager, who oversees everything in the dorm, from students who are sick to ordering supplies, from morning wake-up to lights out.
  • Teaching Assistants, who act as resident assistants in the dorms, supervise students, lead activities & trips, and support instructors in the classroom.

Howard and Stowe are suite-style dorms. Each spacious suite has a lounge, a bathroom, and two double or triple rooms.

On the first floor is a large Common Room and a kitchen. Each dorm has laundry facilities. Through the Cooperative Living Program, students take responsibility for the upkeep of their dorm, rotating through a series of chores on a weekly basis.

Meals are served in an adjacent building where the Upward Bound program also comes together each day for the community meeting. Students help out with meal preparation and cleanup through the Cooperative Living Program as well.

"The most meaningful aspect of Upward Bound to me is living with new people. It has helped me to be more open-minded and more knowledgeable because I can think of ways to interact and deal with different situations. I feel that the time I spent here with everyone has been very meaningful...I have been affected in every way."