Summer Program Staff

The Upward Bound summer program has terrific staff!

Classroom instructors are experienced high school teachers, many of whom return year after year to work with our fantastic Upward Bound students. Here are some examples:

During the academic year, Tom Meyn & Stu Palmer teach English at Mt. Ararat High School, but each summer for the many years they have come to the Bowdoin campus to help Upward Bound students refine their writing skills and gain appreciation for Shakespeare. 

Nathalie Gorey & Janeth Tarpley head up the foreign language classes at UB, teaching French & Spanish respectively. Both emphasize culture & food as a way of learning more about the language and spend a good deal of time in the kitchen with students. Janeth works with students to produce an amazing Spanish meal toward the end of the program-- students do everything from buying produce in Spanish to chopping tomatoes and cooking Mole sauce. Nathalie can be found with students in Ladd kitchen cooking crepes and Poutines in the final weeks of the program too.

Teaching Assistants (also known as T.A.s) are current college students or recent graduates.

Over the years, TA's have come from Bowdoin College, University of Maine, Smith College, Colby College, Bates College, University of Maine at Farmington, Saint Anselm College, Skidmore, University of Maine and many others across the country. A number of them are former Upward Bound students themselves. T.A.s staff the dormitories and attend classes with the students, as well as teaching an afternoon workshop in an area of special interest to them. Each T.A. works closely with a group of 10 to 12 students as an advisor and tutor. TA groups meet together each evening for a study period, and when the homework is over, there is often time to hang out and talk.

"I think that the most meaningful part of Upward Bound to me was my TA. She always helped me to answer every question I ever had about anything and everything."