Upward Bound

Preparing for the College Admissions Process

Planning and preparing for the college admission process is a big part of what Upward Bound does with students.  Students should start preparing freshman year by taking challenging classes, but don't worry if you haven't done some of these things yet. Get started now!

  • Take the most challenging classes available in your school. Most colleges want applicants to have: 4 yrs. of College Prep English; 3 years of College Prep Math (4 is better); 3 Lab Sciences, (4 is better); 2 years of foreign language (3 is better)
  • Study hard and get the best grades you can.  If you're struggling, let UB know so a tutor can be arranged for you.
  • Get involved! Colleges really like to see that students care about their community and have interests outside of academics
  • Take the PSATs sophomore & junior year to get practice for the SAT
  • Attend college fairs, request info from colleges, and make lists of what you like and don't like about schools you learn about
  • Visit colleges whenever you are close.  If you can plan ahead and take a formal tour, but even walking around a campus is a great way to get a feel for what you like & don't like.

Helpful resources

I'm First

An online community for aspiring first generation college bound students. Read stories of determination & persistence by other first gen students, get advice, search for schools that support first gen students. Log your own story of overcoming obstacles to higher education.

First In the Family
Resources in planning for college.  What to do to get ready in each year of high school, information on overcoming obstacles for 1st generation college students, and resources for success in college.

Junior Calendar 
Information on what Juniors should be doing & when.  

Senior Checklist 
Make sure you're not missing any important tasks by checking this check list and adding items to your planner!

College Board 
Register for the SATs, complete the PROFILE Financial Aid application, learn about colleges & financial aid, prepare for the SATs

College Navigator
A great college search engine tool that gives detailed data about most any school in the US, including admissions info, financial aid info, majors, retention, etc.