Summer Program

School in the summer? Well, sort of.

Final Day of Summer ProgramFor six weeks each summer, Upward Bound students come to Bowdoin College for a taste of the college experience, a chance to make new friends, and the opportunity to build new skills both in and out of the classroom.

"My first impression of the summer program was that it was going to be boring. I thought we wouldn't have a lot of fun but I was wrong. Now that I have been here, I would tell someone applying to Upward Bound that it is the best thing ever. It is so much fun, as well as helpful. I have learned so much!"

The beautiful campus of Bowdoin College is located just up Maine Street from Downtown Brunswick.

Our students make use of the College's resources, including residence halls, classroom buildings, computer labs, libraries, and athletic facilities, like the Farley Fieldhouse, Greason Swimming Pool, and many sports fields.

Although most Bowdoin students are away from campus in the summer, it's still a very lively place. Upward Bound shares the campus with the Bowdoin Summer Music Festival, the Maine State Music Theater, a variety of conferences, and many different camps. There are people from all over the world at Bowdoin in the summer, and Upward Bound students are involved in lots of activities happening on campus.

The six week summer program begins soon after school is over in June and ends in time for Washington County students to get home for blueberry harvest, which also gives Aroostook County students time to get ready to head back to school in mid-August.

"It is a great learning experience, it is fun, and you meet a lot of new people. The people of Upward Bound are the best people I will probably ever meet. The air is just filled with nice feelings and friendship. You meet so many people, and make so many new friends. I wish I could bring them home with me!"

More Information about the Summer Program

  • Every student takes classes including English, mathematics, science, and foreign languages.
  • Every student is assigned to a TA Group- a small group of students who meet together to study in the evenings. TA groups are an important network of support and friendship throughout the summer. TA often becomes like a family to students within the larger UB community.
  • Students and staff live in single-sex residence halls (some of the newest dorms on campus) and manage their own living facilities in a cooperative living program.
  • There are opportunities to try lots of different activities, like playing sports, seeing a musical, going to a Portland SeaDogs baseball game, participating in Big Brothers/Big Sisters or having your own radio show.
  • On weekends, students can take trips to visit colleges, hike Mt. Katahdin, and spend a day in Boston.
  • Upward Bound summer staff includes college-aged Teaching Assistants and experienced high school teachers in addition to Bowdoin College personnel, such as the staff of the Coe Health Center.