Alumni Profiles

Upward Bound Group from the 1980sEach year, dozens of UB seniors reach the milestone of high school graduation and entering college. But what happens to them afterwards? 

We love when alumni reach back and share their stories, not just of all they've accomplished, but the obstacles they faced and how they overcame them, the challenges and rewards of persistence and determination. We hope these stories will inspire current & future students about the amazing opportuntities that college holds, as well as celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the individuals highlighted here. These profiles are just an example of all that UB alumni are accomplishing every day and the lasting impact of UB aims to do.

Read about these interesting alumni and their college experiences:

  • Meghan Lewis: UB & College Opens a World of Opportunities
  • Gradi Schutt, UB Summer '06, Morse High School, U. Maine- Farmington
  • Hannah Hudson, UB Summers '06 & '07, Washington Academy, U. Maine