Hannah Hudson

Hannah Hudson, UMaine 2012

University of Maine, 2012

Major: International Affairs with a concentration in Spanish

Career interests: Higher Education, Student Affairs     

From Columbia Falls / Washington Academy

Attended UB Summers 2006 & 2007

What was your favorite thing about college in general?

My favorite experiences in college came from the organizations that I was involved with.  As an executive for UMaine Student Government I was able to help make a difference in the campus community and connect with students from all different parts of UMaine.  This position allowed me to connect with members of the administration who have become great mentors. Also, serving as a Black Bear Mentor for a student in a local middle school has been an amazing and rewarding opportunity.

What are/were some of your favorite things about your school?

I really appreciate the strong traditions that exist at UMaine.  Whether it is singing the Stein Song at a hockey game or giving someone a Hearty MAINE Hello on The Mall, UMaine has a history of campus spirit. 

Tell us about your transition to college.  Was it easy?  Was it hard?  Why?  What helped get you through it?

My transition to college was fairly easy thanks in large part to my two summers at Upward Bound.  Living in a residence hall and walking across a campus to class were not new experiences.  Since I was not focusing on these issues, I was able to quickly make connections with people in my hall and create friendships that made the first year great.  Living in a first year residence hall puts you in contact with many people experiencing the same things. There is always a constant network of support.

What was the hardest thing/biggest challenge you faced your first year?

One of my biggest struggles was finding my place at UMaine.  I had been actively involved in my high school community but didn’t quite know where to start in college.  Discovering organizations that fit my interests really helped me to build a connection with the UMaine experience and become a part of the campus community.

What would you say was your biggest accomplishment/proudest moment in college?

In the spring of my third year I was accepted into the All Maine Women Honor Society, and organization consisting of the top 1% of the women in the senior class.  Currently, I serve as the president of this amazing group and am honored to get to work with eleven other fantastic campus leaders.  I will always remember the night I was selected.  It is an acknowledgement for our work during the four years we are at UMaine. I am so proud to be recognized for my contributions to the campus community.

Tell us about the clubs/activities you are/were involved in at school.  What is most rewarding?  Have you/did you gained new skills because of your involvement?

Currently, I am involved with UMaine Student Government as the Vice President for Student Organizations, overseeing the 200+ groups on campus; Public Relations Chair for the 2012 Class Council; Honors College Student Advisory Board; Black Bear Mentors.  Each activity is rewarding in it’s own way.  Through working with UMaineSG I have gained managerial skills and an understanding of the campus administration.  On Class Council I am able to give back to the university and create connections with the Alumni Association.  On the Student Advisory Board I contribute to my college and promote an amazing academic experience to prospective students. Mentoring probably has been the most rewarding because it has allowed me to create and maintain a relationship with a middle school student for three years.

What advice do you have for current UB’ers who are thinking about college?

My advice is to go to college and get involved! During my senior year I was stressed about what institution I would end up attending when UMaine had always been right there in my backyard.  I couldn’t imagine my college experience at any other place. Though your school may not end up being UMaine, be sure to looks at the whole package, the campus community and the opportunities that exisit within it.  The experiences that you have outside the classroom may end up being what you remember the most.

However, don’t completely discount academics.  If you are at UMaine, check out the Honors College to really enhance your academic experience!

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I plan to attend graduate school to study Higher Education and Student Affairs. Eventually, I would like to get my doctorate and potentially work at a university outside of the United States.