There are two primary ways to report an incident of sexual misconduct or gender based violence:

Contact Benje Douglas

To make a report or to understand the reporting process contact the Director of Title IX and Compliance in-person, over the phone, or by e-mail.

Benje Douglas
Dudley-Coe Room 119
207-721-5189 (office)
207-798-0209 (cell)

Make a Report Online

You may also choose to report the incident using the Online Reporting Form. Reporters may remain anonymous through the online form.

Online Report Form

What happens when I report an incident?

Incidents of sexual misconduct, gender based violence, or discrimination are handled by Benje Douglas, the Title IX Coordinator at Bowdoin College. Upon receipt of a report, Benje will take all reasonable steps to ensure the support and safety of those involved, as well as the campus community. This usually involves reaching out to the survivor of the misconduct to offer campus resources and any necessary protection.

After reporting an incident:

  • you will have an initial meeting with Benje Douglas to discuss immediate safety concerns
  • you will be linked to potential resources
  • you will be treated with respect and dignity as you think through how you would like to proceed

The College encourages reporting sexual misconduct and gender based violence in all cases. Students or survivors who report misconduct will generally not be held responsible for actions that might constitute a violation of the Social Code, as long as their actions did not put another student or the community at risk.

Reporting Responsibilities

Responsible Employees

Employees must report sexual misconduct to Benje Douglas, the Title IX Coordinator, to make sure that the survivor is offered appropriate resources and necessary protection. Responsible employees should not disclose information to local law enforcement.

*Health center staff, counseling center staff, and several members of the Dean of Students Affairs staff can keep information disclosed to them confidential. To see all confidential resources please visit Resources and Support.


Bystanders are witnesses to incidents of sexual assault or gender based violence. They have the opportunity to intervene and make a difference on campus. Active bystanders may choose to:

  • Check in with the people involved, if it is safe to do so
  • Create a distraction to keep a situation from escalating
  • Reach out for additional help (e.g. call 911, Bowdoin Security, or contact Benje Douglas)