Prevention and Education

There are many ways you can help prevent sexual and gender based violence. Here are a few:

Get Informed & Speak Out

Learn the facts about sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. Share accurate information in your community. Know and tell others about available resources. Attend the annual Speak Out event to hear and share stories about sexual violence. Write for Speak! and let people know that sexual misconduct does happen at Bowdoin.

Hold Peers Accountable

Be an active bystander. Confront your peers when they say or do things that are offensive or abusive toward others. Take appropriate and safe action if you witness someone being pressures, harassed, or assaulted.

Join a Club

Become a member of one or more of the groups on campus working to end sexual and relationship violence such as Safe Space, Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence, V-Day, and The Sex Project. You can also audition for Speak About It, a performance put on for first-years about consent, boundaries and healthy relationships.


Community agencies like SASSMM and Family Crisis Services could use your help. Consider volunteering to help with efforts to end sexual and relationship violence. For more information visit: