How To Shape Campus Culture

Everyone plays a role in making the Bowdoin community a safe and welcoming place. Stay tuned for the student guide on How to Change Campus Culture, coming to you in 2016! In the meantime, here are two things you can do now to positively influence campus:

Learn About Sexual Violence

Learn about sexual violence and relationship violence. Use the Prevention and Education tab on this website, or peruse through the websites of organizations that deal with sexual and relationship violence, such as RAINN, The Domestic Abuse Project, loveisrespect, or Not Alone. Watch the YouTube videos on the Bowdoin Title IX Channel. Learn about the neurobiology of sexual assault.

Attend Events

Attend campus events that deal with sexual violence to see how peers talk about the issue. Related events include the annual Speak! reading, Take Back the Night, The Vagina Monologues, and anything put on by the Office of Gender Prevention and Education. You can even get trained about how to be a peer responder through Safe Space by the Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine (SASSMM).