Campus Groups

Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence (BMASV) is a group of Bowdoin men who work to end sexual violence on campus.  BMASV strives to educate and raise awareness about sexual violence in a variety of ways, most significantly by holding facilitations for all men on athletic teams and all men living in College Houses.  A few of the important issues BMASV tackles in these facilitations include consent, being an active bystander, and homophobic language.

fEMPOWER is dedicated to creating spaces on campus for women to discuss the intersections of gender norms around femininity and gender violence. It aims to start dialogue at Bowdoin around womanhood and give a voice to women’s experiences with gender violence. Its work supports the constant evolution of “Rise” and sparks important discussion on campus.

Safe Space is a group of trained students dedicated to supporting people who have experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault. Safe Space offers people who have experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault a place to share their experiences in a confidential and supportive atmosphere. Through supporting survivors and developing factually correct, trauma-informed programming, Safe Space works to prevent and respond to sexual violence on Bowdoin’s campus. Members of Safe Space are trained by professional counselors from the Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine (SASSMM). Members can be reached through campus mail, e-mail, or via telephone to answer questions and to provide support to survivors, their family, friends, and anyone else affected by sexual violence. View the online Safe Space member list to see current members.

The Sex Project is a student group dedicated to providing comprehensive, practical, and medically accurate sexual health education to the Bowdoin community by facilitating conversations about any and all aspects of sex and sexuality. As trained facilitators and informed peer advocates, we will strive to be inclusive, nonjudgmental, and compassionate in all of our one-on-one and group interactions. By providing critical knowledge and support around sexual health issues, we seek to ensure that every Bowdoin student can feel empowered in their choices and enjoy a happy, healthy sex life in college and beyond.


 is a group of Bowdoin women who facilitate conversations around dating, sex, and relationships with different groups of women across campus, including all women's sports teams.