About Title IX

Title IX is an anti-discriminatory federal regulation that prohibits any type of gender based discrimination in educational settings. Bowdoin provides support and services for instances including, but not limited to: sexual misconduct, gender based violence, harassment, stalking, intimate partner/relationship violence, and unequal opportunities based on gender. If a student or employee of the college experiences or witnesses any type of harassment, violence, or discrimination, they should report it to the Director of Gender Violence Prevention and Education, Benje Douglas or through the Online Reporting Form.

General information about Title IX and sex discrimination in education is available from the Office for Civil Rights. Visit their website or call 800-421-3481.

The Title IX Team

Benje Douglas, the Director of Gender Violence Prevention and Education, works with a team of Title IX Deputy Coordinators who function as points of reference for specific areas involving Title IX.

For any support surrounding Title IX:

Benje Douglas
Director of Gender Violence Prevention and Education 

207-721-5189 (office)
207-798-0209 (mobile)

For all cases involving faculty and staff:

Tamara Spoerri, SPHR
Vice President for Human Resources
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

For faculty questions:

Elizabeth McCormack
Dean for Academic Affairs

For questions about athletics:

Nicki Pearson
Associate Director of Athletics
Senior Women’s Administrator
Head Coach Women’s Field Hockey

For additional student support:

Lisa Peterson '07
Associate Director of Violence Prevention
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

About Sexual Misconduct and Gender Based Violence

Sexual misconduct is a broad term encompassing sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact, and non-consensual sexual intercourse. It can occur between acquaintances, people involved in an intimate sexual relationship, or strangers. Sexual misconduct can be committed by someone of any gender, and it can occur between people of the same or different sex.

Gender based violence is a broad term encompassing dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Find comprehensive definitions of the types of sexual misconduct and gender based violence here.

Bowdoin takes the issue of sexual misconduct and gender based violence very seriously, and is committed to creating a campus where everyone understands that any form of sexual or interpersonal violence is unacceptable. To this end, Bowdoin has created an extensive network of educational programs, resources, and services to provide support and information to survivors, friends and families of survivors, and the college community.

The Title IX Office is located in Dudley Coe Room 119.