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Memorial Hall/Pickard Theater Producer's Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist a Producer and the technical staff of the Department of Theater and Dance in determining the specific needs of an event and to clarify how those needs will be met. It is important to understand that the Department is not in the position to accept the responsibility of producing your event. We are here to work with you and the technical staff of the artist you are presenting to achieve a successful performance or event. Likewise, we expect that your department (or organization) will take the steps necessary to insure that the various responsibilities of the producer, as listed below, are fulfilled.

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Production Information

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*Persons in Attendance
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Additional Space Details

Production Information

*Load-in Date: Year: Month: Day:
*Rehearsal Dates
*Strike Date
*Person responsible for strike
*Date Required Year: Month: Day:
Personnel Required
*Light Board Operator
*Sound Operator
*Stage Manager
*Stage Crew
*Fly Person
*Load-in Crew
*Load-out Crew
*Person responsible for
return of rented,
borrowed items

House Management
Please note that finding a house manager, arranging for the appropriate number of ushers and managing the audience is the responsibility of the Event Producer. The House Manager should be present 1 hour prior to house opening and remain to pick up programs and set the house after the program.

*House Manager Name
*# of Ushers required
Stage Layout
Please provide an approximate layout of your stage setup.
*I hererby authorize the utilization of the
above Departmental Project or Fund number
for the purpose of paying for expenses incurred
in relation to the event described above.
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