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Payment Request Form (PRF)

Please use this form to request payment for vendors such as performers, lecturers, workshop instructors and contractors, including scenic designers, costume designers, stitchers, etc. whether or not they are Bowdoin employees. (To pay Bowdoin employees, please note the information below on Additional Compensation payment.) This form will be used as the required backup to submit an accounts payable voucher to the Bowdoin College Controller's office.

Co-sponsors. In the Comments entry, please provide any other pertinent information, including co-sponsors for the event.

Production Information

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 Artist/Event Information
*Artist or Contractor Payee
*Event Start Date: YearMonthDay
*Event/Workshop Title:
Payee Address:
Payee City-State-ZIP:
Payee Phone:
Payee Email:
*T-D Producer:
T-D Class(es) if Workshop:
Producer Phone:
*Producer Email:
Dates of Service:
(required for Bowdoin employee payment)
*Total Amount:
Fund or Project Number:
Other Fund:
Projected Amounts / Dates for Payment:
 (required for Bowdoin employee payment)
 Travel (optional)
Please compute mileage using this link to: 1 Bath Rd, Brunswick ME 04011
From Address
Mileage (1 way)
Round Trip Mileage
Number of Round Trips
Total Miles
Mileage reimbursement rate   .50 per mile
Total mileage reimbursement
Instead of online map, mileage log will be submitted for later reimbursement
Hotel Reservation
 Payment Information
Description of Service:
*Payee is:
(please check all that apply)
Employee (will receive additional compensation)
Outside Vendor
*Payee Status:
(please check all that apply)
US Citizen
International (HR Glacier review required)
*Payment Type:
*Is W-9 on file in Controller's Office? yes

If NO or UNSURE, have payee complete W-9 [PDF]
Completed W-9 can be faxed to the Controller's Office at: 207-725-3920
Or telephone theater-dance at 207-725-3663 to make arrangements

COST SHARING TRANSFERS (for co-sponsored events)
Is Theater-Dance dept primary sponsor?
Theater-Dance fund
Other Fund
Co-sponsoring Department
Co-sponsoring Department Fund
CST transfer code
CST Amount
CST Comments (list additional sponsors, funds, amounts, etc.)

Additional Compensation (for payment to Bowdoin employees). When a Bowdoin employee is hired for work which is not included in his or her job description, that person is paid by an additional compensation payment which is deposited directly into the employee's designated bank account. Timing of payments. Keep in mind that additional compensation payments go through extra steps which take longer to process. For example, a request for a faculty payment which is received just after January 10, might not be paid until March 1.