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AAAF (Account Authorization Approval Form)

The AAAF is needed to initiate the internal scheduling process, and to provide authorization for payment of expenses incurred in relation to the production of the event.

"Event Start Date" below typically refers to the opening night of a performance or the date of lecture. If desired, additional information such as date range of performances, performance times, etc., can be included in the "Comments" section below.

In addition, a more detailed Producer's Checklist (including load-in dates and usher arrangements) must be completed in collaboration with the Production Coordinator of Theater & Dance.

Fee Level FLAT FEE* Description

A $75.00 Standard Charge
B $125.00 Mid-range Event
C $200.00 Big Event
D $350.00 Major Event
E $500.00 Non-Bowdoin Rental Preparation

*Fees subject to change based on specific event requirements. Any adjustments to the flat fee will be confirmed with the event producer individually and will not be charged without prior authorization.*

* Required fields

Production Information

*Sponsoring Department:
(Other Department):
Event Title:
*Event Start Date: Year:Month:Day:
Event Location:
*Departmental Project
or Fund Number:
*Contact Name:
(include @bowdoin.edu):

I hereby authorize the utilization of the
above Departmental Project or Fund number
for the purpose of paying for expenses incurred
in relation to the event described above.