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Theater and Dance

Faculty and Staff


Charlotte Griffin

Assistant Professor of Dance

Gwyneth Jones
Senior Lecturer in Dance Performance

Paul Sarvis
Senior Lecturer in Dance Performance, Chair of Theater and Dance Department


Judy Gailen

Adjunct Lecturer in Theater (fall semester)

Abigail Killeen
Assistant Professor of Theater

Christina Knight
CFD Postdoctoral Fellow in Theater

Davis R. Robinson
Professor of Theater

Sally Wood
Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater

Emeritus Faculty

June A. Vail
Professor of Dance Emerita


McMurry, Julie
Costume Shop Manager 725-3110 jmcmurry@bowdoin.edu

Petroff, Noma
Academic Department Coordinator 725-3663 npetroff@bowdoin.edu

Puhl, Deb
Technical Director 725-3502 dpuhl@bowdoin.edu

Schiff-Verre, Michael
Director of Theater Operations 725-3344 mschiffv@bowdoin.edu

Sirois, Nicole
Production Manager 725-3103 nsirois@bowdoin.edu