Self-Produced Performance Independent Study Format

In this format, the artistic and technical needs of the project are the responsibility of the student. However, students must consult with the appropriate production staff at the beginning of the semester to review the needs and scope of their production. All project-related meetings, deadlines, and requirements must be fulfilled.

Space and House Management: Production Manager Nicole Sirois
Consult with the Production Manager to request and reserve rehearsal and performance spaces and to discuss the house management requirements for your production. If necessary, the student provides the House Manager and Ushers for each show. The performance locations and dates are scheduled at the Department’s discretion. Rehearsal and performance space requests may include the following rooms or their equivalents:

  • Memorial Hall 601
  • Memorial Hall 108
  • Edwards Center 210
  • Edwards Center 211

Publicity and Marketing: Department Coordinator Noma Petroff
Consult with the Department Coordinator regarding any publicity, marketing, posters, and/or programs. Departmental funding sources must be appropriately credited.  All publicity is the student’s responsibility. Consult with the Coordinator about submitting expense records and receipts.

Costumes: Costume Shop Manager Julie McMurry
Consult with the Costume Shop Manager regarding wardrobe. All costuming is the student’s responsibility. Items purchased with the student’s IS funds become the property of Theater and Dance.

Lighting, Sound, Set, and Props: Technical Director Deb Puhl
All production meetings and technical deadlines set at the beginning of the process must be met. For light and sound in rehearsal and performance, the standard room lighting and a boom box are available. Set and prop items existing in the studio space or borrowed from stock storage must be returned to their original location. Items purchased with the student’s IS funds become the property of the department of Theater and Dance.

Facilities: Contact Bowdoin Facilities for additional chairs or staging. These charges are paid with the student’s IS funds, using the special project number information which you obtain from the Department Coordinator.