Department Requirements

Students may minor in dance or theater. No major is offered in dance or theater, but the department does participate in an Interdisciplinary major in English and theater.

In addition, students with special interest may, with faculty advice, create a Student-Designed Major in conjunction with another academic discipline.

Requirements for the Minor in Dance

The minor consists of five course Credits:

  • 1 introductory or history course from Dance 1102 or 1501
  • 1 studio course credit from Dance 1103-1222; 2211-2242; or 3211-3212
  • 1 choreographic, collaborative, or design course from Dance 1101, 1203, 1302, 2401
  • And 2 additional courses at the intermediate level or higher (numbered 2000 or higher).

Requirements for the Minor in Theater

The minor consists of five Courses:

  • 2 introductory studio or design courses from Theater 1101-1302
  • 2 intermediate or advanced courses from Theater 2201-2502; 3201-3205; 3401-3402
  • And 1 additional course in theater or dance

Requirements for the English-Theater Major

Please see the English-Theater website for requirements.

NOTE: For additional perspective on areas of study within a Discipline, please refer to the Theater and Dance Course Numbering Conventions. For a complete description of a specific course, check the College Catalogue.