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365 Days/365 Plays Class Performance Schedule and Map

365 Days/365 PlaysIn November 2004, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks began a year-long project of writing a play a day. During the course of 2006 - 2007, the cycle receives the largest premier in theatrical history: eleven regions throughout the country are producing the work in its entirety, week by week. Bowdoin College participates, along with 52 other colleges and universities, by presenting Week 49. To reflect the project's generosity and ambition, the entire department of theater and dance - including all faculty, staff and students - collaborates on the production! Each day students from one of the departmental classes or programs will perform the play of the day in locations around campus. See schedule for further details. Photo Gallery >>

Monday, October 15
Easy Come, Easy Go - Dance 211
* Between 2:30-4:00pm in the outdoor area between Smith and Moulton Unions - rain location: Smith Union
The Performers:
Jessica DePalo
MacConnell Evans
Alexa Garcia
Amy Helbig
Kathryn Jordan
Mary Kelly
Omm Lucarelli
KC Maloney
Sami Nichols
Alexandra Pfister
Anne Tolsma
Willi Yusah

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Massachusetts Hall
* 6:15pm Hubbard Hall
Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
The performers:
Sam Duchin
Yaritza Pena
Cassandra Rodrigues
Segen Yohannes
Tuesday, October 16
All I Can Say Is Thank You - Theater 321
* 4:30-5:30pm Memorial Hall
Various locations around the building. Consider it a treasure hunt. See how many scenes you can find around the building; there will be 8 pairs performing the same scene at the same time.
The performers:
Jeremy Bernfeld
Daniel Brady
Carla Cambiasso Helfer
Alexander du Houx
Alexandra Crowley
Patrick Driscoll
Sam Duchin
Clark Gascoigne
Emily Goodridge
Matthew Herzfeld
Jimei Hon
Caitlin Hylan
Seth Kelley
Luis Malave
Ivano Pulito
Tony Thrower
Hannah Weil
Willi Yusah

All I Can Say Is Thank You - Theater 220
* 9:00am Hyde Hall (3rd floor bathroom) - Dennis Burke & Alex du Houx
* 11:45am Walkway between Druckenmiller & Hatch - Youree Choi & Richard Ong
* Noon Veteran's Memorial Flagpole - Kathleen Lewis & Kathryn Anderson
* 2:00pm Druckenmiller Atrium - Jessica Wu & Sacha Chiniara
* 4:00pm Hubbard Hall - Omm Lucarelli & Mo Zhou
* 4:30pm Polar Bear - Luis Malave & Sonja Moser

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Museum of Art
Visual Arts Center
* 6:15pm Searles Science Building
Quinby House
The performers:
Katharina Bilotti
Johanna Clarke
Alyssa Phanitdasack
Elizabeth Nguyen
Wednesday, October 17
All This Opulence - Theater 203
* Noon Thorne dining hall - Jessie DePalo, Youree Choi, Alison Driver
* 12:30pm Moulton dining hall - Maxime Billick, Jessie Ferguson, Rachael Norton
* 1:00pm Quad - Emma Verrill, Julie Jacquet, Katherine Whitley
* 8:00pm Hawthorne-Longfellow Library - Maxime Billick, Jessie Ferguson, Rachael Norton
* 9:00pm Museum Steps - Emma Verrill, Julie Jacquet, Katherine Whitley
* 11:00pm Osher Dorm, East lobby - Jessie DePalo, Youree Choi, Alison Driver

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Edward Pols House
Sociology /Anthropology
* 6:15pm Smith Auditorium, Sills Hall
Druckenmiller Hall
The performers:
Kira Frenzen
Elizabeth Kirby
Reeham Motaher
Madeleine Schrier
Thursday, October 18
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Theater and Dance Workstudy
* 3:30pm Thorne basement hall outside Textbook Annex - Tana Scott, Dan Brady, Caitlin Edwards, Angie Guerrero
* 4:05pm New Museum Elevator Entrance - Liz Shaw, Aislinn Curry, Zac Skipp, Dan Brady
* 9:30pm Walkway between Druckenmiller and Hatch - Lili Prentice, Joe Henderson, Nora Meyer, Angie Guerrero
* 9:50pm Chapel - VAC pathway - Aislinn Curry, Enrique Naudon, Clara Cantor, Zac Skipp
* 10:20pm 'Wiccan' circle of rocks and path of trees to Brunswick apts. - Anna Booth, Susie Kimport, Matt Herzfeld, Willi Yusah
* 10:45pm Main Gate Entrance to Football Field - Carolyn Levin, Ben Johnson, Alexa Kaubris, Kathleen Lewis

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Copeland House
Hatch Science Library
* 6:15pm Watson Fitness Center
Smith Union
The Performers:
Omar Aquino
Sarah Dale
Sarah Marston
Caitlin Stauder
Friday, October 19
Strings Attached? No Sweat, Cause The Soul Knows No Bounds - Theater/Dance 130
* 10:00am Maine Hall basement - Brian Orr, Grant Easterbrook and Royanne Curtin
* 1:30pm Memorial Hall Freight Elevator - Aislinn Curry, Liz Shaw and Lori LaMontagne
* 3:30pm Walker Art Center entrance - Rob Parrish, Abby Cormeau and Phil Gates
* 7:30pm Glass Stairwell, Drake Lobby, Memorial Hall - Eric Loss, Bryan Rosata and David Wagoner-Edwards

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Office of Planning and Development
Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center
* 6:15pm Farley Field House/Greason Pool
Thorne Hall
The performers:
Jessica DePalo
Kelsey MacEachern
Shea McKeon
Kyle Mikami
Saturday, October 20
One And Two - Dance 111
* 11:45pm to Midnight on the Quad
The performers:
Jeff Bush
Laura Connolly
Alexander du Houx
Roshani Grant
Matt Herzfeld
Erica Hinteregger
Steve Holleran
Kati Joseph
Alexa Kaubris
Jennifer Kennedy
Elisa Kim
Christine La Kue
Lily Morse
Garrick Sheldon
Sheng Ying Shi
Sofia Siegel
Samantha Smith
Matthew Wang
Emily Warren
Alessandra Williams-Bellotti

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 11:15am Asian Studies Center
Russwurm African American Center
* 6:15pm Quad
The performers:
Megan McCullough
Rakiya Orange
Eileen Palmer
Ida Sahlu
Sunday, October 21
Plenty - Theater 120
* 11:00am Chamberlain Dorm - Katharina Bilotti and Zarine Alam
* 11:30am Thorne (pathway outside) - Alexander Williams and Anne Rothacker
* Noon Hyde Plaza - Tiffany Maltos and Lawrence Wang
* 12:30pm Moulton (outside steps into dining) - Henry Andrews and Houston Kraft
* 2:00pm Smith Union (3rd level common area) - Lucinda Mays and John Devereux
* 5:00pm Quad - Shawn Stewart and Guinn Kim
* 6:00pm Thorne Cafeteria - Akira Shishido and Brenna Nicely
* 8:00pm Pickard (glass staircase) - Jacob Murray and Elyse Terry
* 9:00pm Baxter House Porch - Christopher Adams-Wall and Stephen Hall
* 11:30pm Chamberlain Statue - Thomas Charpentier and Joon Chun

Action in Inaction - Dance 101
* 1:30pm Women's Resource Center
Memorial Hall, Pickard Theater
The performers:
Carter Butland
Julia Jacobs

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