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Research Centers

Coastal Studies CenterThe Coastal Studies Center, located on nearby Orr's Island, is a natural, protected environment, with 2.5 miles of intertidal shoreline and 118 acres of old-growth forest and fields devoted to interdisciplinary teaching and research. Facilities include a marine biological laboratory with flowing seawater for laboratory observation of live marine organisms, an ocean buoy for scientific research, a terrestrial ecology laboratory, farmhouse, and marine research dock and boat. An active program of summer research brings together students and faculty from varied disciplines to study and share work related to Bowdoin's coastal environment in disciplines including archaeology, history, marine biology, terrestrial ecology, ornithology, geology, and visual arts.

Kent IslandKent Island Bowdoin Scientific Station is a field station off Grand Manan Island, in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada, where students and faculty can conduct research in ecology, animal behavior, marine biology, botany, geology and meteorology. The field station has built an international reputation, with more than 150 publications based on research at Kent Island, many of them co-authored by Bowdoin students. It is the site of the two longest-running scientific studies conducted by individual researchers: Charles Huntington's study of the Leach's storm-petrel, a small seabird, and Robert Cunningham's study of weather. Although formal courses are not offered at the station, Bowdoin students can select problems for investigation on the island during the summer and conduct independent fieldwork.

Arctic StudiesThe Arctic Studies Center provides students with opportunities to explore cultural, social, and environmental issues involving Arctic lands and peoples. Recent research includes studies of tree-rings in Northern Labrador, identification of historic photographs in Northwest Greenland, and Inuit perceptions of climate change on Baffin Island. In addition to faculty-mentored scientific and environmental fieldwork, students also have access to the collections of Bowdoin's Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, which provide a rich ground for scholarly, curatorial and cultural studies.