October Energy Competition

October Dorm Energy Competition – “DO IT IN THE DARK”

Every year since 2001, Bowdoin has competed in an Energy Dorm Competition between on-campus residence halls, apartments and academic buildings. This occurs throughout the month of October, where students, faculty and staff compete to win cash money prizes for saving more energy than the other buildings in their building category. Bowdoin’s Building Dashboard monitors electricity use for 40+ buildings on campus and allows you to track your progress against your competition.


  • Encourage energy-conscious behavior across campus for students, faculty and staff
  • Share tips on how to reduce energy consumption
  • Raise awareness about how to monitor your electricity consumption with Building Dashboard


Buildings are broken into the following categories:

  • First Year Bricks
  • College Houses
  • Upperclass Dorms
  • Academic Buildings

Each building competes against the other buildings in its category. Results are based on a combination of the decline in energy consumption compared to each building’s baseline consumption, energy consumption per person and energy consumption per square foot.

To see where you stand, visit Bowdoin’s Building Dashboard page and click the “Competitions” tab.


The winner in each category wins $200 for their dorm or house to spend on whatever they would like! Some past winners have chosen to use their prize money to go even greener by buying items such as reusable cup, hand towels, sustainable shopping bags and more!

Visit our Energy conservation page for some ways to get started!

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