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Bowdoin College Dining Service is a committed and enthusiastic partner in the sustainability mission of the college.

Bowdoin ChefsAs a department, we believe in the importance of thinking and acting green therefore we constantly evaluate our policies and procedures in light of their impact on the environment. We are proud of our initiatives that encourage best practices like local and organic purchasing, reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our dining operation has consistently been ranked at the top for quality of food and service. We are proudly old fashioned in an approach that emphasizes high quality, fresh ingredients, carefully prepared and presented simply. Our professional and well trained staff care about their jobs and are treated with respect by the students and the institution.

Our food tastes great! The Bowdoin bake shop makes our delicious breads, cookies, muffins and desserts. The Bowdoin meat shop ensures that we control the level of quality of the meats we serve. Contributing to the excellent quality is a multitude of vegetarian and vegan options and a strong emphasis on local food. You can’t get much more local than producing food in Bowdoin’s back yard, which is exactly what we’ve done, incorporating two MOFGA-certified organic gardens that supplement the enormous amounts of fresh produce used in our kitchens.


Please contact the following individuals with questions regarding Bowdoin's sustainable dining.

Mary Lou Kennedy, Director of Dining and Bookstore Services
Michele Gaillard, Associate Director

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