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Healthy Food

Sustainability is all about creating balance through smart choices. Because dining is seen as integral to the "Bowdoin experience", college investment in qualified and professional staff has continued even as many dining organizations have moved towards less labor-intensive methods, purchased prepared items and branded "fast food" platforms.Eat well

We work hard to ensure that it's easy to eat well at Bowdoin. The Bowdoin menu is based on freshly prepared foods featuring local, organic, and vegetarian cuisine. Students are offered great choice and variety with separate and distinct menus at each of the dining operations. Each dining hall features at least one vegetarian and vegan entree per meal and we expect them to be crowd pleasers, just like everything else on the menu. It's our tradition that our Bowdoin "family" enjoys home-made meals, eaten communally, as both a social occasion and a respite from the rigors of the academic program.

Where food comes from, how it was raised and handled, how our purveyors treat the environment and their employees, are all part of the decisions we make in providing our program. Purchasing 27% of our food from local sources and having our own college organic garden has inspired our staff to create menus that highlight locally grown foods, which in many cases means reinterpreting and updating geographically-based dishes that have been passed down in their families for generations. It has re-established "terroir" as a concept that is just as relevant in Maine as it is in Bordeaux.

In addition to encouraging our students to eat well and mindfully, we also stress regular exercise, drinking enough liquids, getting adequate sleep, and finding healthy ways to deal with the stresses of young adulthood and college life. And as mother always told you, "Don't forget to eat your breakfast".