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Office of Sustainability

  • Keisha Payson, Assistant Director of Sustainability [Email]
  • Bethany Taylor, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator [Email]

Green Buildings/Construction

  • Donald Borkowski, Director of Capital Projects [Email]
  • John Simoneau, Project Manager [Email]
  • Ted Stam, Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance [Email]

Research and Education

  • Eileen Sylvan Johnson, Environmental Studies Program Manager [Email]
  • Phil Camill, Rusack Professor, Environmental Studies, Earth and Oceanographic Science [Email]

Sustainable Dining

  • Mary Lou Kennedy, Director of Dining and Bowdoin Stores [Email]
  • Michele Gaillard, Associate Director of Dining Operations [Email]
  • Jeremy Tardif, Garden Manager [Email]

Sustainability Implementation Committee

  • Matthew Orlando, Vice President and Interim Head of Finance and Administration & Treasurer [Email]
  • Bruce Kohorn, Linnean Professor of Biology and Biochemistry [Email]
  • Donald Borkowski, Director of Capital Projects [Email]
  • Caroline Rutan, Student, Class of 2019 [Email]
  • Guillermo Herrera, Associate Professor, Economics [Email]
  • Keisha Payson, Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin, Co-Chair [Email]
  • Ted Stam, Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Co-Chair [Email]
  • John Lichter, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies and Director of Environmental Studies Program [Email]

Student and Office Eco-Reps