Bowdoin's Inter-Dorm RecycleMania

* Congratulations to the 2011 winners:
1st Place-Appleton (2 lbs of recycling/person) $100
2nd Place-Winthrop (1.53 lbs per person) $60
3rd Place-Moore (1.28 lbs per person) $40

Inter-dorm  Recyclemainia Competition
Sunday, April 3rd 7:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Sustainable Bowdoin, Residential Life, EcoReps

On Sunday, April 3rd Bowdoin's first year residence halls will compete against each other to see who can collect the greatest amount of recyclables. The best performing halls will win cash prizes (see categories below). Each floor of each first year dorm will collect all their recyclables with the aid of their proctors and Eco-Reps. Each floor will then weigh those recyclables and place in a clear plastic bag to measure volume. The dorm will then collect measurements from each floor and calculate the total weight & volume of recyclables in the dorm divided by the number of residents in the dorm.  Recycling materials placed in the basement recycle room should also be added to the buildings total.  We hope the event provides a shared experience among all first years about Zero-Sort recycling, similar to our annual dorm energy saving competition.  Remember – No cheating by bringing in recyclables from other dorms!


  • Eco-Reps will be at their first-year dorms to coordinate and assist in the weighing of recyclables
  • Proctors will go door to door for their floors, asking first years to bring their recycling to the lobby to be weighed
  • Proctors will weigh all the recyclables for their floor & total weight for the dorm will be compiled.
  • The dorms that have the highest weight &/or volume in recyclables wins a cash prize!
  • Once the weighing is complete, recycled materials will be bagged in clear bags and brought to the basement for recycling (unless students have bottles & cans they are saving for personal redemption)
Prizes will be awarded to dorms for the following categories:
  • Highest recycling rate by weight (measured in pounds per resident) $100
  • Highest recycling rate by volume (measured in plastic bags full per resident – clear plastic bags will be provided so that they are all the same size) $100
  • Highest percentage of students per dorm taking Bowdoin’s Recyclemania Pledge $100
  • Bonus Prize: Given to an individual or group that makes the most creative display that clearly demonstrates what goes in Zero-Sort recycling (this should be something that can stay up for at least a few weeks in the dorm – or possibly even moved to the Smith Union for all to see) $25

Who is your EcoRep?  Check out  the EcoRep website for a complete list with contact information.

What you can do: Carefully recycle everything you can. Use the bins, read the signs, and especially, think twice before throwing anything away. Acceptable recyclables are (the same as those already collected in Bowdoin's Zero-Sort recycling):
  • Newspaper
  • Books
  • Magazines/Catalogs
  • Mixed Paper
  • Tin/Steel/Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • #1 - #7 Plastic

Check out the downloadable poster on Bowdoin's Zero-Sort Recycling.