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Sustainable Bowdoin

Keisha Payson
Sustainability Coordinator
Keisha Payson

Bowdoin's Sustainability Office coordinates the efforts of students, faculty and staff who are working to improve Bowdoin's environmental performance. There are many ways to get involved with sustainability efforts on campus: If you're a student, consider joining one of the many student clubs focused on sustainability and Bowdoin's carbon neutrality efforts, or apply to become a student EcoRep.  If you're an employee, consider becoming an Office EcoRep - with over 20 offices participating across campus, we're always looking to further expand the program. Contact Keisha Payson, Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin, for more information on any of these opportunities.  Check out the links on the right for more details on our primary efforts.

Campus Sustainability Initiatives: How to Join the Fun!

Bowdoin Ecorep Program

EcoRep Program

Sustainable Bowdoin oversees both a student and office EcoRep program.  The programs follow a peer-to-peer model of sharing information and raising awareness about how we can all help Bowdoin reach the campus goal of becoming Carbon Neutrality by 2020.  Learn more >>

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation From replacing inefficient bulbs to totally getting rid of unnecessary appliances, find out what people all over campus are doing to conserve energy and reduce our use of fossil fuels.  Learn more >>


Recycling and Waste Management

recycling binBowdoin transitioned to Single Stream (now Zero-Sort) recycling in 2007 and hasn't looked back.  We are continiously improving our trash to recycling ratios and reducing the amount of trash generated per person - find out how you can help Bowdoin continue this positive trend!  Learn more >>

Alternative Transportation Guide

Alternative Transportation

You've probably heard the expression "Planes, trains and automobiles" - but here at Bowdoin we take things a step further.  How about "Yellow Bikes, Bowdoin Shuttles, carpool matching tools, ride boards, and ZipCars" - whew!  Learn more >>

Give and Go

Give and Go

Each spring during student move-out, Bowdoin undertakes a mammouth waste reduction effort. Over the past 12 years we've diverted hundreds of tons of material from the landfill while raising over $250,000 for local non-profits.  This year Bowdoin will partner with Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, a Maine non-profit organization, to administer its 2014 Give and Go program.  Learn more >>

Environmentally Preferrable Purchasing

Aspen 100 Percent Recycled Paper

Bowdoin encourages all departments to take part in environmentally preferrable purchasing, like purchasing 100% recycled office paper and energy star rated appliances.  The Bowdoin Bookstore offers the campus numerous opportunities to purchase recycled and durable goods.  Learn more >>