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Office Eco-Reps

Office EcoRep LogoUtilizing a peer to peer model, the Office Eco-Rep Program is designed to foster an environmental culture at Bowdoin that values employees efforts to actively engage in practices of energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and environmentally preferable purchasing.  By developing a core group of Bowdoin employees who are willing to help spread awareness about the environmental impacts of our everyday actions, along with simple suggestions that everyone can implement to decrease our impact, we will hopefully spread this effort quicker and more effectively than by relying on Bowdoin’s sustainability office alone.

Program Goals:

  • To promote a culture that actively values energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and environmentally preferable purchasing.  
  • To raise awareness about Bowdoin’s participation in the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment and the College’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To reduce our annual greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of waste we send to the landfill, campus water use, and to increase the amount of environmentally preferable purchasing of products that conserve resources or are made from recycled material, and/or are easily recycled at the end of their useful life.
  • To provide role models for our students who are also actively engaging in this effort.

 Role of the Office EcoReps

  • Communicate with people in their department/building about a specific practice each month. Examples include: tips on printing to save toner; tips on purchasing Energy Star rated appliances such as watercoolers, mini-fridges and air conditioners; reminders about shutting off appliances/printers/copiers at night and on weekends; explaining how singlestream recycling works so people have a better understanding of what is and is not included in the program.
  • Share successful communication strategies with other Office Eco-Reps. Examples may include: announcement at monthly staff meeting, flyer in the restroom stalls, e-mailing out a tip to your department, hosting a coffee break for people to discuss current office practices and brainstorm ways to improve.
  • Help promote campus wide events such as the Colby/Bates/Bowdoin Recyclemania competition and possibly a building energy conservation competition similar to the annual competition in the dorms.
  • Provide positive reinforcement to people in the office who are actively practicing conservation.

Resources for the Office Eco-Reps:

Kill A Watt Meter Promotion Poster

Zero Sort Recycling Poster

Image of kill-a-watt poster

Zero Sort Recycling Poster

The following is a list of all 2010-2011 Office EcoReps. If your department isn't listed and you'd like to volunteer, contact Keisha Payson.

 EcoRep Department/Building  Bowdoin Email 
 Kacy Hintze  Annual Giving
 khintze   798-4108
 Dave Maschino  Arctic Studies/Arctic Museum  dmashin  725-3174
 Suzanne Astolfi  Asian Studies/38 College St.  sastolfi  725-3046
 Brad Burnham
 Athletics  cjoyner  798-4224
 Peter Slovenski  Athletics/Farley  pslovens  725-3010
 Lisa Flanagan  Baldwin Center/Kanbar  lflanag2  
 Pam Bryer  Biology/Druckenmiller  pbryer  725-3072
 Judith Foster  Chemistry/Druckenmiller  jfoster  725-3497
 Kayla Krech
 Children's Center  kyork  725-4160
 Matt O'Donnell  Communications/McLellan  modonnel  725-3133
 Diane Fournier  Controller's Office  cfournie  725-3249
 Nancy Blumberg  Controller's Office  nblumber  725-3426
 Cheryl Stevens
 Development/85 Federal St.
 cstevens  798-7005
 Cara Martin-Tetreault
   cmartin3  725-3767
 Eileen Johnson
 Environmental Studies
 ejohnson  798-7157
 Cathryn Field  EOS/Druckenmiller  cfield  725-3271
 Emily Hricko
 Events & Summer Programs
 ehricko  725-3261
 Cathyrn Field
 Geology  cfield  725-3271
 Helen Hill
 Hawthorne Longfellow Library
 hhill  725-3155
 Nancy Blumberg
 Controller's Office
 nblumber  725-3426
 Wendy Sansone
 Health Center  wsansone  
 Josie Johnson
 History/Hubbard  jjohnso2  725-3291
 Sabrina Bouchard
 Susan Graham
 Housekeeping/Museum of Art
 Cindy Bessmer  Human Resources  cbessmer  725-3911
 Sarah Morgan  IT/Jewett Hall
 smorgan  725-3159
 Margie DiVece
 Moulton Dining Hall  mdivece  725-3735
 Dan Dowd
 Museum of Art
 Victoria Wilson
 Museum of Art  vwilson  725-3276
 Janet Dana
 Office of the Registrar
 jdana  725-3668
 Tammis Lareau
 Sills Hall
 tlareau  725-3782
 Bridget Spaeth  Sills Hall  bspaeth  725-3398
 Chris Taylor  Smith Union  ctaylor  725-3534
 Janet Lohmann
 Student Affairs
 jlohmann  725-3489
 Deborah Puhl
 Theater/Dance  dpuhl  725-3502
 Leo Lacey
 Thorne Dining Hall
 llacey  725-3520
 Amy Dionne  Treasurer's Office  adionne  725-3243
 Susan Wegner
 Visual Art/Art History
 swegner  725-3692