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Eco-Rep Mascots

Although many Bowdoin students don the costumes of our EcoMascots, the message beneath the cardboard and lycra remains the same: sustainability starts with you. During the Annual Energy Savings Dorm Competition, Kaptain Kilowatt can often be seen with an armful of CFL bulbs reminding the student body to turn off the lights when not needed. Similarly, Dan and Jan - those tin-skinned recycling machines - are out in full force during RecycleMaina, reminding the campus to take advantage of ZERO-SORTTM Recycling and fill up those blue bins. But even when their respective events are said and done, this terrific trio are emblematic of Bowdoin's commitment to sustainable life-styles and the Common Good.

Enjoy this video about recycling, compliments of our very own Dan the Can.

  Shown below are Dan and Jan the Cans (left) and Kaptain Kilowatt (right).


Dan and Jan the Cans

     Kaptain Kilowatt