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Meet the 2013-2014 Student EcoReps


EcoRep EmblemThe Student EcoReps are a committed group of individuals dedicated to informing you about sustainability and your role in a greener future. Feel free to use your affiliated EcoRep as a resource, and contact them with any concerns, suggestions, or encouragement.


College House EcoReps:

Baxter House:


Colton Hall | 2016

I am a sophomore from Farmington, Maine.  I’m currently pursuing a major in Earth and Oceanographic Sciences, which is not what I had originally planned, but decided on after taking an awesome oceanography course last semester. I am a part of the soccer team here at Bowdoin. I have worked for a watershed organization for the last two summers as part of a Youth Conservation Corps program, aimed at environmental protection and conservation, as well as a Courtesy Boat Inspection program that works to keep invasive aquatic plant species out of Maine’s lakes. Having lived in this state my whole life, I am very fond of being and doing things outdoors. My family and I are slowly converting our home into a farm, planting small crops, raising chickens and recently building a barn and getting a horse. I’m looking forward to being an EcoRep this year and helping Bowdoin continue to be an environmentally conscientious and friendly college.

Burnett House:

Samantha Garvey | 2016

picture of samantha garvey

Hi all! I am a first-year hailing from Long Island, New York. Here at Bowdoin I am interested in Earth and Oceanographic Science, Government and Legal Studies, and Anthropology. I am a huge adventure seeker, who enjoys scuba diving, archery, hiking, and every other outdoor sport, really. I love sea turtles, dolphins, recyclable plastics, peach tea, and sunsets. I have always had an intense and fervent passion for the ocean and for nature, but scientific ecology research in high school really prompted my understanding and respect of the natural world. I am excited to be the EcoRep for Burnett House this year because I want to take the same excitement, love, and respect I have for nature and instill that in others and show the importance in reducing each individual’s carbon footprint so we can protect the amazing world we live in.

Helmreich House:

Frannie Gurzenda | 2016

picture of frannie gurzenda

I am a sophomore from Somerset, PA, and this year's Helmreich House EcoRep. I love the outdoors and the sunshine, and want to do my part to preserve the beauty of our natural environment. I hope that as an EcoRep, I can contribute to improving Bowdoin's sustainability, in turn protecting of my favorite wilderness areas.

Howell House:

Kahla Vise | 2016

Hi there! I’m a sophomore hailing from beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine and I’m considering a major in Chemistry, although I have an Kahla Viseinterest in History and Music, too. I’m totally excited to be the resident EcoRep for Howell House this year, and I believe doing little things everyday can help the world, and slow global warming. These things include using energy-efficient light-bulbs, using less heat, and, most importantly, recycling all that you can! I’m involved in a variety of activities on campus so if you see me power-walking across the quad, feel free to say hello or shoot me an email about anything eco-related or otherwise.

Ladd House:

Megan Freiberger | 2016

meganfreibergerHi everyone! I’m a sophomore from Ipswich, Massachusetts and prospective Chemistry major and Education Studies minor. I love going on nature hikes, eating sushi, and listening to music, and my friends will tell you that I live in Patagonia fleeces. On campus I am a part of the Women's Cross Country team, BWA and Green Bowdoin, and I also mentor at a local middle school. Having grown up in a coastal, relatively rural community, I've been interested in the environment since I was a little girl, and I’m super excited to be the EcoRep of Ladd! Please come talk to me about sustainability anytime! Let’s make it a great year!

MacMillan House:

Koko Novak | 2016


I'm a sophomore from Salt Lake City, Utah and I'm really excited to be an EcoRep for Macmillan House this year. I've always been interested in sustainability and I think that it's a very important issue in today's world because it really is a part of every aspect of our lives. On campus, I'm on the Women's Cross Country team and a member of Green Bowdoin. I can't wait to be more involved with the environmental aspect of Bowdoin as an EcoRep!

Quinby House:  


Olivia Pfeifer | 2016

I am a sophomore from Kenai, Alaska! I am planning on majoring in Earth and Oceanographic Science and possibly minoring in either Biology or Chemistry. I love to ski, hike, swim, play with dogs (puppies especially), eat pancakes, build forts (either in the snow or out of pillows and blankets), and more than anything I love to explore. I am really looking forward to being an EcoRep this year for Quinby because I want to encourage students to support the great sustainability efforts Bowdoin has developed. I love Bowdoin, and I’m so happy to be involved in a program that strives to make Bowdoin an even better place!

Reed House:


Matt Goroff | 2016

Hello! I’m from Brookline Massachusetts, often called the most liberal town in America. I enjoy skiing, rock climbing, backpacking and reading about new sources of green energy.  I am really looking forward to being the EcoRep for Reed house this year, and hope that I can help everyone at Bowdoin become more sustainable.

First Year EcoReps:

Listed below are the First Year EcoReps from the 2013-14 academic year.  If you are an incoming First Year for the fall of 2014 and are interested in becoming an EcoRep for your dorm feel free to contact them with any questions about the position!  Visit the Student Employment website to apply today!


Lily Woodward | 2017

Hi, all! I am a first year from Hot Springs, AR pursuing an Environmental Studies and Philosophy coordinate majlilywoodwardor. I am involved with the Bowdoin Organic Garden, Power Shift 2013, and Green Bowdoin Alliance, and am interning with Environment Maine and Protect South Portland in my spare time. Here at Bowdoin, my goals are to promote recycling and composting, improve energy conservation, educate students about making sustainable food choices, and help the class of 2017 make Bowdoin an even greener place!


Penelope Lusk | 2017penelopelusk

Hey everyone! I'm a first-year from Brooklyn, New York, and I'm the EcoRep for Maine Hall. I have always been interested in sustainability, and I love the environment, especially the beautiful land surrounding Bowdoin. As an EcoRep, I hope to add to Bowdoin's sustainability and to increase awareness about environmental issues in my hall. I am looking forward to being a part of the eco-friendly efforts on campus!


Kenny Shapiro | 2017kennyshapiro

Hello! I’m from New York City and excited to be the EcoRep for Appleton this year. My interest in sustainability stems from a semester I spent working on a farm in Vermont during high school. I enjoy playing music, hiking and sleep. Please talk to me if you have any questions or suggestions about sustainability at Bowdoin (or if you want to be friends). Friendship is great.


Miguel Holmes | 2017miguelholmes

Hello people of Bowdoin. My name is Miguel and I have always loved the environment. From skiing to Boy Scouts, the environment has always been a huge part of my life, and for that reason I have always loved and tried to protect the environment. My goal is to become an Environmental Lawyer because it is something I will feel good about doing and I really believe that the great Environmental Studies program and academics at Bowdoin will help me to achieve that goal. While I’m here I hope to continue to do my part to help the environment and I really want to help make Bowdoin greener.


Jamie Ptacek | 2017jamieptacek

Hello all you beautiful people. I am a First-Year from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. My plan at the moment is to coordinate major Environmental Studies with Philosophy, but that may change, so stay tuned. At Bowdoin I am a member of the women's ice hockey team, the Green Bowdoin alliance, the Organic Garden Club and Bowdoin's Outing Club. I love photography, art and nature in all of its glory. I think there's no better way to spend a day than getting lost in the woods, because it's in those moments that you really find yourself. This world we have been given is the most beautiful gift that one could ask for and I believe we should spend every moment opening ourselves up to its influence and working to protect it. It is for this reason and many others that I am so excited to be Coleman's Eco-Rep this year! I can't wait to instill in my fellow classmates the same love and appreciation that I feel for nature, as we work together to make Bowdoin the best, most sustainable, tree hugger filled school that it can possibly be. Feel free to talk to me anytime about sustainability on campus, or anything else that strikes your fancy. 


Andy Munoz | 2017andymunoz

Hello, everyone! I am a freshman from Santa Ana, California. At this point I want to major in Environmental Studies but I'm not really sure what I'll combine it with or what job I hope to have. I like running and exploring nature. At Bowdoin, I am a part of the Christian Fellowship, I volunteer for many community services, and I am also a tutor. I would like to help everyone in my dorm see how exciting and easy it is to protect the environment. I grew up surrounded by a lot of city and was not always interested in sustainability so my goal is to help others look at the environment the same way I do.


Katie Doherty | 2017katiedoherty

I am a first-year from Menlo Park, California. I am undecided here at Bowdoin although I am interested in Biology and Economics. I have a passion for cooking vegan food. I love to play soccer and volleyball, go for a swim or a hike, talk to someone, learn how to do something new, and live life! I am excited to be able to help in the process of sustaining this beautiful planet that we all live on together.


Eileen Bates | 2017eileenbates

Hey! I’m a first year from Seattle, Washington. I’m considering the Environmental Studies coordinate major, but have no idea what I’ll coordinate it with yet. So far at Bowdoin I’m enjoying being a part of the Outing Club and getting out on the water once a week for rec sailing. Being from very environmentally- conscious Seattle, I’ve grown up with conservation being an important and constantly present topic, and I’m excited to try to expand that way of thinking to West Hall this year!