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Meet the 2012-2013 Student EcoReps


EcoRep EmblemThe Student EcoReps are a committed group of individuals dedicated to informing you about sustainability and your role in a greener future. Feel free to use your affiliated EcoRep as a resource, and contact them with any concerns, suggestions, or encouragement. You can also show your dedication to environmental responsibility by joining your  house or dorm's EcoAction Committee. Contact your EcoRep for more information.

Below are the EcoReps for the College House system and first year dorm.  They are arranged by House and affilliate dorm - keep scrolling down until you find yours!

Howell House - Hyde Hall Duo:

Amy Spens | 2015 | Howell House

picture of amy spensHey guys! Growing up in the Seattle area gave me a love of the outdoors from an early age! I'm very excited to be a part of the EcoReps this year because I believe that Bowdoin needs to think spherically about our environment. It's important to intellectually involve yourself in your environment by recycling and reducing consumption--but it's also important to be physically involved and see the effects of your hard work. Hiking, gardening, and hundreds of weekends spent volunteering on trail  maintenance projects and native plant restorations have shown me that getting dirty is one of the best ways to help the environment--and it can be lots of fun, too! I am so excited to meet you all, and I hope to see some of you out on the trails and in the Organic Garden this year. Cheers!

Madeline Davis | 2016 | Winthrop Hallpicture of madeline davis

Hi everyone! I'm a first year and I'm so excited to be representing Winthrop as an Eco-Rep this year! I'm from Claremont, California and I plan on majoring in Environmental Studies and either Government or Architecture and Sustainability. I've always been really passionate about the environment--particularly in the areas of sustainability and doing one's part to help stop the problems humanity has created. I love working outdoors, and I feel like establishing a connection with nature can really help to foster a deep understanding of how we interact with our environment and how we affect it. I'm so excited to help try to make Bowdoin a better more sustainable place!

Quinby House - Appleton Hall Duo:  

Elizabeth Brown | 2016 | Quinby House 

picture of elizabeth brownI'm  a sophomore from St. Louis, MO, and I love being outdoors and hiking. I'm really excited to be an EcoRep this year because I love taking action to help the environment! I hope that everyone can get excited about making Bowdoin more sustainable.

picture of olivia pfeiferOlivia Pfeifer | 2016 | Appleton Hall

I am a freshman from Kenai, Alaska! I am still exploring my options for a major, but I like science. I love to ski, hike, swim, play in the dirt, play with dogs (puppies especially), eat pancakes, look at boats on the docks, build forts (either in the snow or out of pillows and blankets), and more than anything I love to explore. I am really looking forward to being an EcoRep this year for Appleton because I want to encourage students to support the great sustainability efforts Bowdoin has developed. I love Bowdoin, and I’m so happy to be involved in a program that strives to make Bowdoin an even better place!

Burnett House - Hyde Hall Duo:

Omar Sohail | 2015 | Burnett House

picture of omar sohailHey guys, I’m a sophomore this year from Fort Wayne, Indiana (Midwest love). I’m not sure about a major, but I like chemistry and religion. Here at Bowdoin, I like to swim, drink mango lassi, make authentic Chipotle burritos, and volunteer. I am really looking forward to being the EcoRep for Burnett House this year because I want to bring an enthusiastic attitude towards supporting Bowdoin’s sustainability goals, even if it’s through simple activities like recycling or using fewer dishes during lunch. If you have any questions regarding sustainability or Brunswick restaurants, don’t be afraid to ask!

picture of samantha garveySamantha Garvey | 2016 | Hyde Hall

Hi all! I am a first-year hailing from Long Island, New York. Here at Bowdoin I am interested in Earth and Oceanographic Science, Government and Legal Studies, and Anthropology. I am a huge adventure seeker, who enjoys scuba diving, archery, hiking, and every other outdoor sport, really. I love sea turtles, dolphins, recyclable plastics, peach tea, and sunsets. I have always had an intense and fervent passion for the ocean and for nature, but scientific ecology research in high school really prompted my understanding and respect of the natural world. I am excited to be the EcoRep for Hyde Hall this year because I want to take the same excitement, love, and respect I have for nature and instill that in others and show the importance in reducing each individual’s carbon footprint so we can protect the amazing world we live in.

Baxter House - West Hall Duo:

Dana White | 2015 | Baxter House

picture of dana whiteI am from Weston, MA and I am planning on majoring in Earth and Oceanographic Science and Environmental Studies. I love being outside: playing sports, being on the water, hiking or whatever it may be. Here at Bowdoin, I play on the women’s lacrosse team. I have had many life changing experiences that have truly opened my eyes to human’s effects on the environment. I am looking forward to having a great year with lots of fun events! Feel free to contact me anytime!

picture of wynne leahyWynne Leahy | 2016 | West Hall

I'm a freshman from the Washington, DC metropolitan area and am thinking about a biology or chemistry major. I'm an avid fan of kayaking, camping, hiking, cliff jumping and generally being outside. At Bowdoin, I've joined the Crew team and am currently taking an Environmental Studies Course. Being from D.C. (sort of, I know), I really enjoy learning about the political side of environmental issues and am really interested to see what November's elections bring on that front. I'm also really excited to get to know Maine and hopefully a lot of you!

Helmreich House - Maine Hall Duo:

Tyler DeAngelis | 2015| Helmreich House

picture of tyler deangelisI am the Helmreich eco-rep for 2012-2013, from Readfield, Maine. I am very excited for this year, because I was very involved in sustainability efforts at my high school, but was not that involved with sustainability at Bowdoin last year. I am particularly excited about the organic garden at Bowdoin, as I helped start something similar at my high school. At Bowdoin I cross country ski, am considering the Biology major and am a member of safe space!

picture of frannie gurzenda

Frannie Gurzenda | 2016 | Maine Hall

I am a Freshman from Somerset, PA. I currently play Woman's Frisbee, and enjoy taking weekend trips with the Outing Club. As an EcoRep, I hope to be an approachable resource to Bowdoin students with questions about sustainability. I love the outdoors and the sunshine, and am looking forward to exploring the beautiful state of Maine over the next four years.

Reed House - Moore Hall Duo:

Matt Goodrich | 2015| Reed House

picture of matt goodrichSpending my childhood in Connecticut and a formative semester at the Chewonki School helped me become the debonair young environmentalist you are currently reading about. I'm excited to go through your trash and commend y'all on your knowledge of recycling. In my free time I enjoy speaking in iambic pentameter, pondering ways to take down multinational corporations, and perfecting my own brand of homemade potpourri. In my busy time I enjoy procrastinating, writing run-on sentences, and occasionally sketching Escher sketches on my Etch-a-Sketch. I encourage anyone who has ideas about making Bowdoin a greener place or who may be enquiring about a partner in bocci or indeed anyone who likes a good conversation to email me, carrier pidgeon me, or burst into my room (303).  You never know unless you try.

picture of franco sasieta

Franco Sasieta | 2016 | Moore Hall

Hello! I am a first-year student from Weston, Florida. At Bowdoin my interests include Mathematics, physics and Computer Science. I love the outdoors, I'm on Bowdoin's Sailing team, so I get to spend a fair amount of time outside of the school buildings. I am excited to be an Eco Rep for Moore this year because the environment has been a key element in my life. If you would like to talk about the environment, the wind, or anything in particular, shoot me an email.

Ladd House - Osher Hall Duo:

Emma Rieves | 2015 | Ladd House

picture of emma rievesI am a sophomore who hails from Grand Junction, CO.  I am an avid skier, hiker and backpacker, gardener, general adventure seeker and outdoors[wo]man, reader, and occasional badminton champion.  I love mountains, bluegrass, cats, and cabins.  I am excited to be an EcoRep because I love the unspoiled beauty of nature and the wilderness, and believe that it is my duty to do my part to protect and conserve these areas, because I think that it’s important to spread knowledge about environmental threats and how they can be thwarted, and because the environment —and its survival and protection—is my passion.  And also because I don’t ever want to know life without snow, or skiing.

picture of will danforthWill Danforth | 2016 | Osher Hall

I am from San Francisco, California and I run trails, grill meat, and most recently row boats. My interest in the environment really got ignited this summer when I volunteered with the National Park Service and worked to dredge my neighborhood’s urban lake. There I witnessed firsthand the corrosive effects of highway pollution and discarded trash. Now as the 2012-2013 Osher EcoRep I am working to keep Bowdoin clean and green. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime!

MacMillan House - Coleman Hall Duo:

Kristen Nocka | 2015 | MacMillan House

picture of kristen nockaHi! I am originally from Wellesley, Massachusetts but I went to high school just outside of London, England. I am not entirely sure about my major yet, but it looks like biology and environmental studies. I love any sort of outdoor activity, traveling and eating. I can’t wait to help make Bowdoin more sustainable!


picture of simon pritchardSimon Pritchard | 2016 | Coleman Hall 

I'm from the wilderness that is New York City, and I plan to study Environmental Studies and either Government or Earth and Oceanographic Science. I grew up a lover of the outdoors, and I particularly enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and gardening. After being involved in environmental issues throughout high school, I'm excited to continue my involvement in college as the EcoRep for Coleman. If you want to talk about environmental stuff or just chat about life in general, feel free to contact me anytime.