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Meet the 2011-2012 Student EcoReps

EcoRep EmblemThe Student EcoReps are a committed group of individuals dedicated to informing you about sustainability and your role in a greener future. Feel free to use your affiliated EcoRep as a resource, and contact them with any concerns, suggestions, or encouragement. You can also show your dedication to environmental responsibility by joining your  house or dorm's EcoAction Committee. Contact your EcoRep for more information.

Below are the EcoReps for the College House system and first year dorm.  They are arranged by House and affilliate dorm - keep scrolling down until you find yours!

Howell House - Hyde Hall Duo:

Alithea McFarlane | 2014 | Howell House

picture of alithea mcfarlaneHey y’all! If you couldn’t tell from the ‘y’all,’ I hail from Houston, TX (although fun fact, I was born in Jamaica). I’m a sophomore, and if I could major in indecision, I definitely would, but right now I’m a prospective Religion major.  I love movies, doodling in notebooks instead of taking notes, and board games. Occasionally I dabble in jumping out of planes and over fire, just to keep things interesting.  My main interests lie in sustainable agriculture and water conservation. Feel free to come by and talk about Bowdoin’s green initiatives, or anything else that piques your fancy. 

Emily Simonton| 2015 | Hyde Hallpicture of emily simonton

Hi! my name is Emily Simonton, and I am from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. This year I am a freshman Eco Rep living in Hyde. I can't wait for some serious competition between the dorms and to get started on many green projects around campus! I don't know what I want to major in yet, but I am thinking about biology, environmental studies, psychology, spanish, or neuroscience. Some other activities that I participate on campus are field hockey, chorus, the Outing Club, and the Special Olympics. My hobbies include skiing, hiking, kayaking, playing the piano, and making crafts. Please ask me any questions that you have or give me suggestions so we can make this year as eco-friendly as possible and get one step closer to becoming carbon-neutral by 2020. Go Hyde! 

Quinby House - Appleton Hall Duo:  

Kameryn Sanchez | 2014 | Quiny House 

picture of kam sanchezHi, my name is Kameryn Sanchez and I'm a sophomore this year. Right now I haven’t decided on what I want to major in, but I’ll be figuring that out sometime this year. I went to high school in Bethlehem, New York but spent most of my life on different Air Force bases around the world.  In addition to being an eco-rep I also live in Quinby House, play on the women's rugby team, and I tear up the ice in the C-league of intramural ice hockey. I love books, dogs, snow, and music.

Christine Rheem | 2015 | Appleton Hall

Burnett House -Winthrop Hall Duo:

Ryan Peabody | 2014 | Burnett House

picture of ryan peabodyHowdy all, I’m Ryan and I am stoked to be both a Burnett House member this year as well as the house’s Eco Rep. I’m from Aptos, California and I’ll probably major in Earth and Oceanographic Sciences. Here at Bowdoin I’m a member of the swim team and a leader in the Outing Club. My family has been involved in our local Farmers’ Market and Community Supported Agriculture since I was young, so living and eating sustainably have always been very important to me. In my spare time, I like to surf, run, play music, and drink tea. If you guys have any questions about sustainability, the benefits of loose-leaf versus bagged tea, or just want to go surfing, feel free to drop by Burnett House any time!

jarrod dobkinJarrod Dobkin | 2015 | Winthrop Hall

Hey everyone, my name is Jerrod Dobkin and I am from Cheshire, CT. I am the EcoRep for Winthrop Hall and am really excited to help make Bowdoin a more sustainable place for all of us to enjoy. I am interested in doing a coordinate major with Environmental Studies and Government. One day I would love to develop environmental policies for the U.S. government. In my free time, I enjoy skiing and hiking in Colorado and all other sorts of outdoor activities. If you have any questions or concerns about Bowdoin's sustainability plan or just want to talk about environmental policy please feel free to contact me!

Baxter House-West Hall Duo:

Erin Chein | 2014 | Baxter House

picture of eric chienHi! My name is Eric Chien and I’ll be a sophomore this coming year. Golden Valley, Minnesota is home for me, where I enjoy fishing, camping, and walking my dog during my free time. Along those lines, I’m hoping to be a Biology/Environmental Studies Major. As a member of the Bowdoin men’s tennis team, I have developed a strong desire to play my part in making Bowdoin the most successful school in every respect, from athletics to sustainability. I can’t wait to get to work on making Bowdoin a more sustainable and green place this coming year. If you have any questions about Bowdoin’s plan for sustainability or just want to talk about the outdoors, feel free to contact me! 

caily oehlerCaily Oehler | 2015 | West Hall

I'm a freshman from Philadelphia and I'm looking forward to helping increase sustainability in West Hall this year. I love stargazing, camping, cooking, and playing music. I'm probably going to double-major in Art History and Spanish. Feel free to come talk to me about constellations, cookies, or energy conservation and waste reduction! 

Helmreich House - Maine Hall Duo:

Erica Nangeroni | 2014| Helmreich House

picture of erica nangeroniHi! My name is Erica Nangeroni and I'm one of the few people here at Bowdoin who live just out side of Boston! I grew up in Westwood, MA, a small town where I spent a lot of time outside. I'm planning on majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and I play on the women's lacrosse team and sing in a coed acapella group on campus. I'm psyched to be the EcoRep for Helmreich House and to have the opportunity to make Bowdoin a more sustainable place. If you have any questions about sustainability or anything else, stop by Helmreich anytime!

bridgett mccoyBridgett McCoy | 2015 | Maine Hall

Hi everyone! I’m born and raised in little rhody (Rhode Island) but my family and I love to travel and explore the world outside the US’s smallest state. I have always felt a commitment to the environment and I plan on doing the coordinate major with Government / Legal studies and Environmental Studies. Other than hugging trees, my activities include Coxing for the Bowdoin Crew team, playing violin, singing, origami, and long walks on the beach. I love to be distracted from my schoolwork so please swing by 4th floor Maine Hall for any eco-living related questions or just to say hi!

Reed House - Moore Hall Duo:

Stephanie Lynn | 2014| Reed House

picture of stephanie lynnHi everyone! My name is Stephanie Lynn and I’m so excited to be your EcoRep! I’m from Bow, New Hampshire and currently I am undecided on my major, but I’ll probably settle on some combination of Latin American Studies, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, and Geology.  This summer I’ve been enjoying the great outdoors as a back country ranger intern in the Frank Church National Wilderness Area in central Idaho.  I’m loving the opportunity to get outside and learn about a new area of the country.  I can’t wait to get to know you all and work together to make Bowdoin a greener, more sustainable campus!  If you have any questions on sustainability, or anything at all, come and chat!

matthew goodrichMatthew Goodrich | 2015 | Maine Hall

So I'm Matthew Goodrich (and calling me by any diminutive form of my name is fine by me) and I'm the first-year EcoRep from Moore.  I'm from Brookfield, Connecticut, but I lived in Maine for the fall of 2009 to attend the Chewonki Semester School.  I'm beyond excited to be back where there's a farm just around every corner.  I like long walks on the beach, and long walks up mountains even more.  If you want to hacky sack, take part in some repartee, jam to some good music (and I know good music), or just shoot the breeze, please stop by Moore and find me!  I'd love to talk to anyone about sustainability and making Bowdoin a greener place!    

Ladd House - Osher Hall Duo:

Amanda Zalk | 2014 | Ladd House

picture of amanda zalkHey Guys! I’m Amanda Zalk and I’m super excited to be your eco-rep this year. The hardest question for me to answer is where I’m from. Although I was born and lived in Summit, New Jersey for a lot of my life, I have spent a significant amount of time in Aspen, Colorado. I ended up moving there full-time after my sophomore year of high school, and began to develop a true love for the outdoors. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, playing sports, or pretty much anything that gets me outside. I plan on majoring in International Relations at Bowdoin.  I can’t wait to learn more about sustainability at Bowdoin, and get you all excited about contributing to Bowdoin’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. I am here to answer any and all of your questions about energy, recycling, sustainability, or just life! So come on over to Ladd anytime!

Kevonte' Anderson | 2015 | Osher Hall

MacMillan House - Coleman Hall Duo:

Hannah Tennent | 2014 | MacMillan House

picture of hannah tennentHey! My name is Hannah Tennent and I’m from the lovely desert city of Albuquerque, NM.  I want to major in both Environmental Studies and Gender & Women Studies, although that’s a plan super subject to change.  I love camping and spending time outdoors, and I hope to see many of you on Outing Club trips. Some of my other interests include learning about sustainability, trying to long board, slam poetry, and napping. I’m so stoked to be a 2011 EcoRep and work with you on making Bowdoin a greener place! If you ever have questions about EcoRep programs, or anything in general, I’d love to chat with you. 

charlotte mclaughryCharlotte McLaughry | 2015 | Coleman Hall 

Hi my name is Charlotte and I am a freshman living in Coleman this year. I’m originally from New York City but I prefer the small town life of Brunswick any day. I don’t know what I’ll be majoring in but probably Environmental Studies/Earth and Oceanographic Science. I'm also interested in foreign language and currently take Arabic. I like to play frisbee, and ski and I also enjoy hiking, reading, camping and kayaking. I'm so excited to be an EcoRep this year and I love working to keep Bowdoin Green!