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Meet the 2010-2011 Student EcoReps

EcoRep EmblemThe Student EcoReps are a committed group of individuals dedicated to informing you about sustainability and your role in a greener future. Feel free to use your affiliated EcoRep as a resource, and contact them with any concerns, suggestions, or encouragement. You can also show your dedication to environmental responsibility by joining your dorm's EcoAction Committee. Contact your EcoRep for more information.

Luis Beltran| 2013 | West Hall

picture of luis beltranHello there! I'm Luis and I hail from good old Santa Fe, New Mexico. For those not in the know that's the small-liberal-artsy-historical capital city of New Mexico, which fact: is not part of old Mexico. A little bit about myself I love the outdoors, art, and I do my fair share of reading. I'm planning on double majoring in Psychology and Economics. I like to think of myself as trilingual although my Italian could definitely use a couple more semesters. Anyway I'm really excited to do my part at Bowdoin and to help others get excited about being eco-friendly. I hope to meet all the new great people who are coming to Bowdoin and from the one's I've already met I know that you’re all wonderful and conscientious people. If you like naps, candy, music, or absolutely anything feel free to look for me on the 10th floor of Coles Tower or in Thorne dining hall if you ever feel like having a great conversation. Happy semesters to all and be friendly, Eco-friendly. Peace, love, and respect. 

Jane Carpenter | 2013 | Maine Hall

picture of jane carpenterHey there! My name is Jane, and I hail from Short Hills, New Jersey (no, not from the Shore!). I’m a prospective Environmental Studies and Biology major, but I’ve taken a broad range of classes in other subjects as well.  On campus, I’m an active member of the Evergreens and a cellist in the orchestra and chamber string ensembles.  I’m looking forward to learning more about sustainability on campus as an EcoRep and encouraging you all to contribute to the effort to reduce Bowdoin’s impact on the environment.  Feel free to approach me with any questions or concerns you may have, whether they are about recycling, vegetarianism, freshman year, or anything else!

Bess Carter | 2013 | Winthrop Hall

picture of bess carterMy name is Bess Carter and I’m a sophomore from Washington DC.  I plan on majoring in Environmental Studies and Government.  I really care about the environment, and I try to live as sustainably as possible.  I’m also a leader in the outing club so I spend a lot of time outdoors— I especially love backpacking and sea kayaking.  I can’t wait to be your EcoRep!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all; I’d love to talk to you!

Kristin Hanczor | 2012 | Osher Hall

picture of kristin hanczorHello! My name is Kristin Hanczor and I am a junior from Redding, CT. I am an Environmental Studies and Government major, with a teaching minor. I am also captain for the women’s volleyball team and I play many other intramural sports. I am a competitive athlete, which is why I am very excited to be your eco-rep so we can win every energy competition! I am also here to answer any questions about energy, recycling, sustainability, or life in general! Welcome to sustainable Bowdoin!

Sarah Johnson | 2013 | Appleton Hall

picture of sarah johnsonHey my name is Sarah Johnson, and I'm from the lovely island of Gloucester, MA. I'm a prospective Environmental Studies and English major, but that's subject to change. I play ultimate frisbee, lead trips for the Bowdoin Outing Club, and I 'm of the rare breed of snowboarders at Bowdoin, so come join me on the slopes! I love bike rides, ice cream, the ocean, people who share/play music, and of course, the environment! I'd love to chat about eco-friendly initiatives at Bowdoin with you sometime, because I love meeting new people. I also think asking questions is really cool, so come over to Mac House and ask me one!

Rainer Kenney | 2013 | Moore Hall

picture of rainer kenneyHey all, I'm Rainer and I'm a sophomore living in Reed House. I'm pumped to be your Eco Rep for 2010-11 school year. I'm from a small town in Vermont and am majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. At Bowdoin I'm on the Nordic Ski team, a member of BMASV, and an avid outing club member and white water kayaker. I've worked on an organic farm for five years, so if you have any questions about that, eating local, being "green" or shredding the gnar, I'll be happy to talk to you. Let's have an awesomely environmental year!

Patrick Martin | 2013 | Hyde Hall

picture of patrick martinHi! I am a Sophomore here at Bowdoin and I am super excited to be an eco-rep for the 2010-2011 school year. I am a potential biology major and my interests lie in the biology end of environmental studies. I am interested in agriculture and environmental studies through the scope of growing food and sustainable eating. I am also very interested in conservation biology and preservation. My other hobbies include music and gardening. When it comes to being sustainable and living green, Bowdoin really exceeds expectations. I’m super excited to work with you and help become a part of Bowdoin's progressive and active sustainable culture!

Jessie Turner | 2013 | Coleman Hall

picture of jessie turnerHey there! I’m Jessie and I am psyched to be your EcoRep! I spent my youth in Bryant Pond, Maine before my family moved to Park City, Utah, where I worked at a recycling center and helped start an environmental club at my high school. I love to do pretty much anything if it’s outside, so if you ever want to go biking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, or tree-climbing, hit me up! I’m a potential environmental studies – romance languages major, a dancer, and a novice slam poet. Hopefully together we can all make Bowdoin an even greener place. Come find me at Mac house to hang out or ask me questions about sustainability anytime!