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Top Ten Reasons to Commute Another Way

  1. Commuting Another Way (CAW) conserves fuel. The average round trip commute for a Bowdoin employee is 19 miles a day, for 239 working days a year. That's 4,541 miles per employee per year, or the equivalent of driving from Portland, ME to Fairbanks, AK!
  2. CAW reduces carbon emissions which are a leading anthropogenic source of climate-changing greenhouse gases. Roughly 20 pounds of CO2 enters the atmosphere for every gallon of gasoline burned.
  3. Driving is expensive. Assuming the current national average cost of gas is $4.00/gallon, a typical employee spends about $1200 on gas per year on their commute alone.
  4. Walking to work is a great way to build healthy exercise into your daily schedule, and Bowdoin is intentionally a walker-friendly community. Walking for 20 minutes at a slow to moderate pace (2.5 miles/hour) burns 65 calories, equivalent to the cream cheese on your bagel or the cream in your coffee!
  5. Bicycling to work is healthy and fun. Brunswick is a designated Bicycle Friendly Community. Biking at a leisurely rate (approx. 10 miles/hour), the typical person burns 7 calories/minute! An hour-long commute burns off a whole cup of ice cream!
  6. Carpooling/vanpooling expands your social life, makes the ride go by faster, and allows you to read the newspaper or get work done on the ride.
  7. Bowdoin has a perceived parking crunch due to a shortage of spaces in core campus areas. To alleviate the crunch and accommodate new facilities (hockey arena), Bowdoin is having to create 182 new spaces at a cost of up to $5,000 each.
  8. CAW reduces the traffic jams created by one human to every car. If everyone at Bowdoin left their car at home one day each week, we'd prevent 2,353 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere due to our driving. That's how much carbon 235 acres of trees can sequester in a year!
  9. It is the right thing to do - you are contributing to The Common Good.
  10. Bowdoin could achieve the valuable recognition of an EPA "Best Workplaces for Commuters" designation, painting the College in a positive light and further proving our leadership in sustainable practices.